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God I hate laugh tracks. I wish there was a way to strip them from old TV shows.


Always love me a good courtroom Star Trek episode, and glad Strange New Worlds has continued the trend.


I think the one thing I appreciate the most about the Nintendo Direct, is that other than a couple exceptions, pretty much everything is coming out before the end of year. Hate it when there are announcements for games that are like 7 years off.


Sony, please spend your money better. Just make more Spider-Verse movies, and somehow get Spectacular Spider-Man back on the air.


Bullshit that I failed this Captcha.


I'm going to be the sucker that tries and buy it, but the Collector's edition for Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 is incredibly bullshit. Just PSDirect, no physical, and hella expensive.


Been on Spider-Man kick after watching Spider-Verse, binged Spectacular and then ended up reading the entire Ultimate run again. But it has kind of put me in funk feeling I'm not doing enough good. Where's a radioactive Spider when you need one.


I'm hoping to be surprised by the PC Gaming Showcase, but I know I won't be.


At work lately, I'll look out the window, take in the clear blue sky, and then feel sad as I can't spot a single Sky Island in sight.


Spider-Verse is worth watching just for the animation masterclass it puts on. The fact that it excels in a bunch of other aspects like music, set pieces, etc. is more cherries on top. Can't wait for the next one.


The first season of Strange New Worlds is on YouTube for anyone in US to watch. I think it is a great show and the closest thing we've gotten to the Trek ethos in the new era. Link in the comments.


Ok, color me interested. Jackie Chan as Splinter is inspired casting. And I dig the animation style, even if it feels a little too dark (color-wise)


Across the Spider-Verse comes out tomorrow!!!!!!! I'm going crazy waiting, so started skimming negative reviews to keep my expectations low. Then I realized all the negative reviews were from Brits, meaning they should automatically be ignored.


It is great how all the characters in Chainsaw Man always have their priorities straight.


Looks like all of QToid's issues went to my power grid, as I now get to enjoy my day off as if it were the cave age.


While it is probably better in the long run, I think it would have been funny to see a Roger Rabbit mixed 2D/3D for Boimler and Mariner.


It sucks when you get older, and your knees always ache and you can't shield parry like a pro anymore.


I finally made it to Hyrule. Probably because I explored everything in the intro area, it took me longer than I thought. Which means now I will now waste even more time searching every nook and cranny of the world.


Link hums Zelda tunes while cooking. 10/10.


So, I was feeling really stupid about Zelda cause I had no idea how to use the ultrahand ability. Turns out if you enable Pro UI, it hides all the instructions on how it is used, even if it is your first time.


The Maker tests me, as the only Tears I have, are the ones dripping down my face. #striptoid


If you want to support the Writer's Guild Strike, one thing you can do is donate to the Entertainment Community Fund (select Film & TV). It helps people who are affected by the strike. "Workers of the world, unite!".


The only thing worse than pre-order bonuses, is pre-order bonuses that aren't guarantee and you have to go to a score to get.


Ohh Chainsaw Man, never change.


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