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Square Enix sold almost all of their western studios and ip to embracer group. Which is probably bad for reasons, but I absolutely hated when square conferences focused on western games I didn't ever care about so.


Final Strettttch, let me put on my clown shoes cause I think this thing might make 2022.


My first Doner kebab probably shouldn't have been a cheap microwaveable one, huh. Stomach turned instantly lol.


Seems like Sony wants anything around $35 and up to have demos for premium members. I jsut want breath of fire dragon quarter.


I think I might have ADHD the more I read about it. Want to go see whoever you see about that at some point, but if anyone has it I'd be interested in hearing how you think it affects your videogame habits etc.


Huh, maybe Xenoblade was getting out of Splatoon's way after all.


Game I kickstarted resurfaced and looks great. Nice looking turn based Jrpg with mechas you can get in for combat and exploration. The character art also looks great now, which I find lacking in most indie RPGs. Release should be this year!


Found this ticked away on twitter. Shows off class changing. You basically trade jackets.


Xbox game pass has Morrowind and new Vegas. Are these versions worth playing? I hear they're way better with mods but I never had a PC so I'm curious!


This is a funny statement from Ubisoft alone, but the actual article is about how they've made new tech to make their games bigger than they are now.


Blizzard posted about their new character in OW2 shortly after this, lmao.


Chainsaw Man's Author released a new 200 page story online for free called 'Goodbye Eri'. Don't think they released any info on it prior so I'm gonna jump in blind. Link in comments. Update: I thought it was great!


First episode of Spy x Family is out! probably the major standout for this season of anime.


Atelier Sue is my favorite alchemist cause she decided instead of a staff to do dual revolvers.


Square Enix trademarked 'Tactics Ogre Reborn' in Japan. Another title on that GeForce leak list seemingly confirmed. Someone at square REALLY wants to make srpgs a staple for them. Sounds good.


13 sentinels is funny cause it gets grouped in with VNs and JRPGs. People who are fans of those genres should probably check it out. But its not really either.


Lightning is so bizarre and Imposing. No experience, no leveling, you are always on the clock, I did a bad Assassin's Creed tailing mission. What is going on? And did anyone here end up liking it?


New game plus expo is happening now. So far Gunvolt 3 is July, and there's a Ys 8 ps5 edition. And then a grab bag of visual novels and indies.


Ryza was my gateway drug. Can't wait to play the one where they use guns.


Get your shigeru miyamoto quote ready! Botw 2 is officially spring 2023.


New one piece rpg got announced. Looks like it's confirmed to be turn based combat, maybe they can nail that better than action.


When do we get to see Persona 6: Fantasy edition.


Soul Hackers 2's ost is credited as Monaca. Aka the composer of the Nier Series' studio. I'm ready for it.


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