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Square had a GDC talk and tech demo about their new tech for animating mechs. They look pretty Front Mission to me.


First ep of Madhouse's original show Sonny Boy aired yesterday. This was the only anime that piqued my interest this season and it delivers so far. Check this one out if you're looking to keep up with something a bit surreal and weird week to week.


Who's ready for Overwatch: Gundam Edition?


Seems the cracked version of resident evil 8 that disables the DRM improves the performance by a lot. Not sure if that's shocking to most, but it's lame all the same.


Happy to demo an oled switch at a store, and then wait for Switch 2 however long that takes.


Nisa seems to be jacking up PC prices on a bunch of their titles for no reason in a few weeks. Don't know why, but I guess get them now or just know that they did a dick move, lol.


SOMNIUM FILES 2 BABYYY. (Starring a grown up Mizuki from the first game.)


Plague tale for ps5 in July, I'm glad I slept on it now. lol


Odd Taxi's finale aired and it totally owned. Twists, loveable characters, and great dialogue. I am 50/50 on whether they want a season 2, but it's kinda perfect as is.


Tommy Tallarico is making me go team Intellivision this gen.


Teaser site from spike chunsoft went up. 9 robotic eyes. Sounds like a uchikoshi game is coming to me. (999, somnium files creator)


FOUR official localizations of Trails games just leaked on the epic game store. Personally I just want Reverie and maybe Nayuta, but it's good to officially release the Crossbell games.


Me and the fiancé finished Lain and had a good time with it considering it's a miserable fever dream! Anyway, a youtuber out together a video on the PS1 videogame that released alongside it only in Japan. Interesting and very different from the anime!


In the trails series there are some games that take place at about the same time, so some people who are deeply anti spoiler try to suggest newcomers to play them simultaneously. 'get to chapter 2, start this one til chapter 4, then..' lol please stop.


If a game runs at 1080p or above with a solid framerate, then I reject the notion that it 'looks like a ps3 game.'


Finally, a bold new direction for Pokemon.


Just finished the FF Origin demo! I'll try to write up some thoughts in comments.


After CC2 got dropped from FF7 they said they're were commiting themselves to smaller projects and showed three games off. Then Kakarot got announced and they barely spoke of them for years. Looks like one is releasing July! Furry advanced wars but sad!!


Doesn't matter how cringe your conference is if you have at least a few games I'd really like to play. Didn't expect pc games show to be the most consistent for me today.


I'm the guy who usually hates seeing western games at square, but luckily I was into the gotg game, because everything after has been bad or confusing. lol


Missed the trailer, but I love Rocksmith and reccomend it for people wanting to learn the basics or just random songs.


Wholesome direct is starting now. The unwholesome direct is later.


Nintendo said fuck it and 'leaked' a game Ubisoft was totally planning on revealing later today, lol.


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