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Just remembered There's a somnium files sequel this year, 2022 just got better.


The genre known for being long kinda dominates the list for me.


I learned how pendulum summoning worked when that was brand new, but that was probably 5 or 6 years ago. Curious if this is easy to get into at all.


Literally everybody assumed the worst, lol.


WSJ says Microsoft is attempting to buy Activision for $70 billion. Hope they make it a good place to work? I'd rather the people left unionize but.


Getting through the first chapter of Final Fantasy Tactics is harder than most Jrpgs.. BUT I DID IT.


Deep rock Galactic was a fun co op session with friends. It would've been a hard sell to them if it wasn't on ps plus for free, so if you got any I reccomend nabbing it together.


When Persona 6 actually reveals itself a part of me is gonna think 'damn I should wait a couple years after release so I don't have to play this twice.'


After much radio silence my UK visa arrived today so I'll be moving from US to Scotland soon and getting married in Summer. Fish and chips for all. Can't photo the visa so here here is the official Troy Baker NFT to celebrate.


Call me crazy but I thought a short, simplified SNES rpg might be pretty fun nowadays. I was wrong.


Fan translation group who's done Tales of Destiny remake is doing Rebirth as well. Its uses 2d Sprite artwork despite coming out after Symphonia and looks right up my alley.


Oh hell yeah, short trailer but shows some new features aka bikes and skateboards!


Raidou 1 was my first clear of 2022! I've started 2 and it's quite something how it looks almost indistinguishable except they threw the combat in the garbage and rethought the whole thing. Even your attack button is different!


Please join me in dunking on all corporate and PR accounts on all social media until they pretend they never said this.


Fun to see what weird gems got translated this year.


My backloggd game of the year list. It limits you to releases this year or it'd be a bit more varied. Endwalker is only there cause me catching up in xiv is the only thing that could apply, lol.


Used up my $20 eshop gift card for these four. Also got smt v and great ace attorney for Christmas.


Bout to finish stormblood's final base game dungeon. Might take a break and play something short like kena. Unsure!


The parts of loop hero where you need to do a lot of avery specific thing to get a resource and it drops pitiable amounts is very not good. Also I'm wondering if the difficulty ups when you win, can't even get to the first boss now and I'm on the third.


Not sure if it's in English in any form yet, but seems like all of Chainsaw Man's manga is in color now.


Might as well post the follow up to the blowback.


Reading this it sounds like dumb jerks will get to pay to put their dumb OCs in your game. They're also exploring other ways to ruin the game with NFTs.


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