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Elden Ring’s version of Patches will literally just be Gollum, voiced by Andy Serkis and everything!


The beauty of these games’ storytelling was how they conveyed it through their mechanics as video games. I doubt it’s going to resonate as an anime beyond maybe the Okabe music


Almost got through the first level without dying. Game is dope!


Lance Reddick’s voice in ZD and FW gives me life the same way Keith David does


It’s funny how much FFXIV Endwalker reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn.


Kicking weapons into your hands or kicking them straight into enemies faces never gets old in Sifu. Love the game <3


Now that the Chrono Cross Remaster is a thing this means the other NVIDIA leaks are happening. FF Tactics remaster, let’s go!


Dope looking trailer for a dope looking game


RIP Haunted Manor, really hope they bring it back for another Halloween


Acquisition Wars, a hot new reality show on the chaos od capitalism, coming to HBO Max. First week exclusive for Playstation


The XIV belated Halloween event has a haunted house that allows you to trnasform into almost any character from the game’s story which makes for some great fun in photo mode. Wish it wouldn’t go away!


So anyway, Frank Sinatra is canon to Strangers of Paradise.


How do you become a Pokemon master if more Pokemon just keeps showing up?


Part 1 of the anthology series Memories, titler Magnetic Rose, with screenplay by Satoshi Kon and directed by Koji Morimoto (founder of Studio 4C) Executive produced by Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo is free on YouTube. Worth checking out!


Spyro and Crash Bandicoot officially being Microsoft IPs now.


The Book of Boba Fett? More like the Book of Costanza.


Latest haul, nice to finally have Perfect Blue!


As video gamers y’all are obligated to play the 4th case of Ace Attorney for this occasion. Merry X-Mas everyone!


I’m here to remind the people of Qtoid that the late Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers is the best christmas movie!


Here’s George Carlin narrating Thomas the Tank Engine


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