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The Book of Boba Fett? More like the Book of Costanza.


Latest haul, nice to finally have Perfect Blue!


As video gamers y’all are obligated to play the 4th case of Ace Attorney for this occasion. Merry X-Mas everyone!


I’m here to remind the people of Qtoid that the late Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers is the best christmas movie!


Here’s George Carlin narrating Thomas the Tank Engine


Can confirm that the moon in FFXIV is way better than the real moon.


A good way to pass the time while in queue


https://www.gematsu.com/2021/10/rumor-konami-developing-castlevania-metal-gear-solid-and-silent-hill-revivals “ Gematsu has also heard that a new Silent Hill is in development at a prominent Japanese developer. That studio is Kojima Productions”


I was thinking of maybe getting Hades for the PS5 too. Great game!


Keiko Nobumoto, screenwriter for Cowboy Bebop (including Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door), Tokyo Godfathers, Samurai Champloo, Wolf’s Rain, Carole & Tuesday, basically a long time collaborator of Wantanabe, has passed away from cancer. What a career. RI


They should hire the voice actor for Kassandra to voice Diana in that Wonder Woman game!


Idris Elba has failed in his mission to not make Knuckles sexy.


All done with Guardians, excellent game that I think could potentially be my GOTY. We’ll see if Endwalker can measure up to Shadowbringers soon though I might also do a replay of Fallen Order with PS5 version. Check out Guardians though! It’s good!


Not many games these days know how to just be funny. Psychonauts 2 and Guardians are refreshing exceptions that I want to see more of. I want Tales from the Borderlands sequel, a sequel to Guardians, and just generally more games that are funny, and fun.


“Bad guy, 12 0’clock!” “Current time is irrelevant!” I love this game and I want a sequel already.


I really hope we get some info on Fallen Order 2 this December, playing Guardians reminded me of Fallen Order as they are both tightly build single player experiences with fun gameplay and just enough replay value. I need more Souls lightsaber fencing!


Dog Report Item: The Original Starlord in game band in Guardians is pretty dope yo!


Guardians of the Galaxy, the game, is filling that Tales from the Borderlands shaped hole in my heart. It is funny, and it also invokes a bit of BioWare RPG-ish in its level design, hubs, and interaction with characters. Really loving it <3


So DC Douglas has leaked the concept art for Wesker in RE4 Remake thereby also leaking the existence of said remake. (Breaking NDA) On top of being outed as a predator, talk about a set of dominoes collapsing on one another. Art is in the comments.


Kid Amnesia Exhibition is underrated gem of the year. Stanley Donwood’s art is evocative and creepy in all the right ways and somewhat lonely and anxious tunes of the Kid A and Amnesiac albums really help sell it, especially with the interactivity.


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