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Any of you ever have a kidney stone? Any advice for someone who thinks they have one? Asking for a friend.


For those of us who struggle with posture at work


Finished replaying The Outer Worlds. It is greatly improved with the fast load times on series x. Also, the Murder on Eridanos DLC is easily a top 5 DLC of all time for me. Maybe top 3.


What is your favorite cryptid and why? (and for bonus points, do you believe that said cryptid actually exists?)


I like this a whoooole lot. If you do any kind of writing, it's worth your time.


When Pat goes for a job interview


Roager is GMing our D&D group right now, when I've been the person who's done it historically. Turns out I'm a huge pain in the ass when I'm on this side of the table.


My parents insist that the world has always been in color. But I've never seen any pictures or videos that prove it.


Enya is better than whatever stupid shit you listen to.


I don't really GET poetry as a medium. But dephoenix inspired me to make an attempt.


Did that Uncharted movie ever come out? Did any of you see it? Was it any good?


Finished Halo Infinite. I'm very torn about it. On the whole, quite fun. Far and away 343's best entry. Could do without any open world nonsense. And they really need some improvement in their encounter designs. But it's fun. And the grapplehook is great


Vote for Pedro!


Finished Tunic. It's a video game ABOUT video games. It's brilliant. And the game booklet mechanic is nothing short of genius.




You ever feel like a friendship devolves into the other person just using you as someone to vent all their frustrations and complaints to?


What is the hardest game you've ever beaten?


Played a couple of hours of Halo Infinite. It sure is a Far Cry from Combat Evolved. Fun though. I love the grappling hook thingy.


Reached the credits of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Great game. Heartily recommend. A+


It is wild that a rich, famous person can physically attack another person on live TV and face no consequences. If I did that, I'd be arrested.


Playing the first stage of Kirby. Current status:



Pictured: me, waiting for Mambo No. 6


The internet is wild, y'all. This dude posted this on reddit and someone had the answer within half an hour. (centipede millipede, btw)


Apparently this released at some point. I bought it and played a couple levels in Switch. I really hate to criticize it because it's purely a labor of love. But... it's not a very good remake. You're better off playing the original on PC.


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