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This game is REALLY good, y'all. Just finished it on the Switch. Thoroughly recommend. It's super well-written and not terribly long.


Just finished Danganronpa V3. What a series. One things for sure: the writers always swung for the fences.


This is an interesting, if difficult, watch. Worth your time.


Oh for fudge sake. I bet they don't even do us the courtesy of reviving Stargate.


The masculine urge to quit playing Danganronpa V3 to play Tunic and then forever regretting not finishing the former.


I fear this time change is gonna be the thing that pushes me over the edge.


I fight inflation by throwing pennies in the garbage.


I failed the Wordle today.


If I ever became rich enough to have essentially unlimited resources, I would certainly not spend my time tweeting about people I don't like (who are doing no harm to anyone).


Hey guys check out my new podcast with my homie DJGardev0ir! It's called PokéMisandry. Every episode we dive into another aspect of how Pokémon is sexist against men


When you're driving down the road and see the destructoid-mobile


Are you sitting on the F5 key? Cause that booty is refreshing!


mi sona lili e toki pona


Watch this you freakin Elden Ring nerds.


I've been playing D&D for 1 year and this is my current shelf. Can someone who is good at the economy please help me budget my family is dying


If you somehow haven't seen it, here's an extremely thorough discussion on just how dumb and bad NFTs are. I really need to finish watching it (it's long)


Just leaving this here. Definitely has nothing to do with news or politics.


The Switch Pro is today's Half-Life 3.


If any of you are fans of Brandon Sanderson, you should give this a watch.


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