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I vote that we turn January 6th into the American version of Guy Fawkes Night. We all burn effigies of that orange moron.


I love movie trivia


Been a minute since we've had #songcoverwednesday so here's one. Though this is actually an impression of a cover.


Tag yourself. I'm Conke.


Shower thought: art commission rhymes with heart condition.


Here are my Top 5 games I played and beat for the first time in 2021. Full list of games beat will be in the Comments. Feel free to tell me why I'm wrong.


Advice for the new year


Definitely enjoyed the first episode of Boba Fett.


If you're an adult actress, why are you wasting your time on destructoid?


"Pasta is bread." --My Wife, 2021


Santa was good to me this year


Merry Christmas! Current status:


I just beat a game called The Forgotten City. If you like time loops, you should check this game out. It's very good. And it's on game pass!


I've never seen an episode of Sailor Moon but I'm pretty sure Sailor Moon can beat up Goku


I feel like the writers of the Witcher series really want me to care about the geopolitics in the show. I could not possibly care any less. Those bits are like the cutscenes in Doom 4. Waste of time.


I see your Netflix and raise you Valve Software.


People with full color vision be like:


Played through this yesterday. Not terribly long, and not difficult at all. Just a pleasant time. Wandering around an island. Taking pictures of birds. But most importantly? This is the first game I've played where my character can skip instead of walk!


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