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Edit: some cooler people than me put their info in the comments below and you should add them as friends on Discord! Feel free to contact me via Discord at any time as well, here's my info.


If you have gamepass, you should play Beacon Pines. A short, neat little game. A small town with mystery lurking beneath the surface. Good stuff.


I just finished reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. A delight of a book, and a breezy read. I heartily recommend it. A+


I have a theory about Rings of Power and I have to get it off my chest. I'll put it in the comments.


My wife and I got the fancy, new, bivalent covid vaccine booster last weekend. You should get one if you can! A smidge more info in the comments.


I could use your help, if you can spare a moment. I need examples of marginalized communities in media. I'll explain what I mean in greater detail in the comments.


Beat Jenny LeClue. Not thrilled with the ending, but overall, it's a great game. It also has the best interrogation system I've seen in a game. Easy recommendation. Thanks dephoenix (I think you're the one who mentioned it being on sale recently)


Finally watched Prey. Kickass movie.


Rice doesn't belong in Burritos.


Finished reading Uzumaki. That's some real horror, right there. I'll put a few stray thoughts in the comments.


IDK who needs to hear this, but: if you consider yourself to be politically "progressive," but your progressivism isn't born out of empathy for other people, you're not progressive. You're just an ass.


Ho Lee sheeeit. What an announcement!


Apparently, the Ukrainian army has basically pushed the Russian army all the way back to Russia. Blow it out your ass, Putin.


As is tradition. It is a great day for Canada and, therefore, the world.


Well damn, looks like we're getting a proper cyberpunk show.


For my friends who are into horror stuff (be it film, video games, books, etc), I could use some recommendations if you have them. I have pretty specific requirements in the comments.


"She hasn't consumed the blood of a virgin in 3 days! We're very concerned."


I can't decide if it's more hilarious or more exhausting to see people run around in circles to try to argue that there are no black people in Middle Earth.


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