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Had to click through an ad to play the Wordle today. And so the enshittification of the internet marches ever on.


Have you ever thought about watching Star Trek? If so, this is your chance. The entire first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is on YouTube right now. It has everything you want in a good Trek show. Perfect entry point. Give it a watch! Bump


Just finished playing Tnagle Tower. Pretty fun. It's a point and click murder mystery. Worth your time, essentially if you see it on sale (I think it's on sale on Xbox right now).


The number of people older than you never increases.


Just saw Spider-Man Too: 2 Many Spider-Men. It was glorious. Absolutely loved it. Can't wait for the next one!


When are we gonna get the EDF/EBA crossover game we deserve?


Donkey Kong hates it when you call him Harambe.


For anyone who doesn't keep apprised of this stuff, this is a HUGE win for the country. ICWA protects indigenous families. Keeping ICWA intact is a resoundingly good thing. I'm very glad about this.


The folks that made My Friend Pedro should make another one but have it take place in the Blood Dragon universe


Road 96: Mile 0 sucks. It's a prequel to Road 96 (which I loved), but it takes the best things about tge original, throws them out, and replaces them with a terrible skateboarding mini game. I do not recommend.


My final Xbox prediction: Divekick 2: Kickdiver announced. No release date.


My 2nd Xbox prediction: HD Remaster of Mark Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Launching yesterday on game pass.


My prediction for Xbox: they announce Silksong for release on game pass immediately following the show.


I want a new Captain Toad game where he travels the Nintendo-verse. Levels themed as Starfox, Metroid, Kirby, Zelda, etc. Would be a blast, I think.


If you didn't watch Day of the Devs this year, you should! Neat games. I'm particularly interested in Cart Life.



Have you ever had to make a big decision but found yourself paralyzed by fear? If so, what did you do? How'd it turn out?


I know I'm a few decades late to say this but: Murder, She Wrote is very good.


Super Mario Odyssey implies that Goombas are physically capable of jumping but are too dumb to know how.


I'm deeply offended that we never got a sequel or even an expansion pack for Super Mario odyssey. Or not yet, at any rate.


Real talk, I have no idea how anyone can afford to live right now. My wife and I are making decent money. Losing our apartment, so we're thinking of buying a house. Theoretical budget puts in in the negative.


Just finished Bowser's Fury with all 100 Cat Shines. Perfect palate cleanser after 90 hours of Hyrule. It's a short, sweet, concise experience. Lot of fun in a small package. Recommended.


Just wrapped Tears of the Kingdom. Phenomenal game. They improved on BOTW in so many ways. Not sure how they'll top this next time. Maybe take this open world approach back to the sea a la Wind Waker?


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