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I'm deeply offended that we never got a sequel or even an expansion pack for Super Mario odyssey. Or not yet, at any rate.


Real talk, I have no idea how anyone can afford to live right now. My wife and I are making decent money. Losing our apartment, so we're thinking of buying a house. Theoretical budget puts in in the negative.


Just finished Bowser's Fury with all 100 Cat Shines. Perfect palate cleanser after 90 hours of Hyrule. It's a short, sweet, concise experience. Lot of fun in a small package. Recommended.


Just wrapped Tears of the Kingdom. Phenomenal game. They improved on BOTW in so many ways. Not sure how they'll top this next time. Maybe take this open world approach back to the sea a la Wind Waker?


I refuse to do Proving Grounds Shrines in TOTK. They're dumb.


Come on, PS5 Slim! 🤞


My wife's best friend's dog. He's an anxious little weirdo. You can't tell from the Pic, but he's literally shaking #sundogday


One of my biggest problems facing bosses in TOTK is my reluctance to eat food I've cooked. I'm saving in case I ever need it!


I used to watch multiple hours of YouTube every weekday. Now they're lucky if I watch even 1 YouTube video per weekday. This shit's so far outta control.


One of my least favorite tropes in television is that it's okay to kill any number of nameless henchmen, but killing the leader of the bad guys is WRONG.


For tge first two bosses I fought in TOTK, I died several times. Then I went to bed and tried again the next day. Won first try. I don't know what that days about me, but it's interesting that it happened twice.


Do you think NPCs ever get korok seeds? Like, some Gerudo with minor OCD sees a ring of rocks with one missing, solves it, then "yaa ha ha!" And if so, does the korok reset the puzzle just for link or does the puzzle disappear?


Oh goody. TOTK has blood moons, one of my least favorite features in BOTW. Boy do I wish I could turn those off in the settings.


Todd Howard, when Nintendo makes a system that actually "just works"


No clever commentary for this. It stands for itself.


If you put your hand in a blender full of milk, you get a handshake. 🤝


Nintendo be like: "you want accessibility options? How bout you access a deez nuts!" Pic of a traitor unrelated.


I have a NSFW thing to share with you in the comments. I don't even know how to explain. Just check it out if you like.


Company I work for is dealing with a massive, system wide shutdown problem. Current status


Depicted, gamers on May 12th, 2023 singing to the copy of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom they're about to obtain.


Brits, why isn't there a dragon on the union jack?


I'm so tired, y'all


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