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We're out to brunch and a trio are playing Killing in the Name.


If you have gamepass, you should check this game out. Played it last night. Has probably the most interesting movement mechanics I've seen all year.


Looking at an Xbox Series X page today (no I didn't get one) and saw this gem.


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! Pic unrelated.


I'm not surprised by my most played game at ALL. So many hours in Halo 2. Halo was my life as a teen. I am impressed by just how many games I've played though. (also, it's wrong in saying I never played on original Xbox)


Is that.... is that Reggie hosting an XBox panel?


I can't believe I haven't shared this yet. Ahoy uploaded a video for the first time in like a year. Always a great to see. Give it a watch!


Woke up this morning with a vision of a breakfast sandwich. Had to make it. Turned out so good! Has cream cheese on it. If I ever open a restaurant, it will probably feature cream cheese on every menu item.


Ventured into a gamestop for the first time in a couple years. Games are on the wall, but the ENTIRETY of the floorspace is full of their toys and collectible crap. Lame. They no longer have the big bins of used games.


Tell me an unusual holiday tradition you have. Or if you don't have anything unusual, tell me your favorite.


Have any of you used T Mobile Home Internet? If so, how was/is it?


I'm annoyed as hell at Microsoft right now. I had 2 games (maybe more that I haven't noticed) just disappear from my Xbox games purchase history and I can't prove I purchased them, so they won't restore them. I'll have to buy the games again.


Just got out of Eternals. I liked it! Kevin Feige really said, "Fine. If Warner Bros. isn't going to make a good Justice League movie, I'll do it myself!"


What the hell Microsoft! I can't buy this game you just made backwards compatible?


The Xbox presentation was fun. Now if only they could actually keep the damn Series X in stock long enough for me to grab one...


#StripToid (apologies if this has been shared before, I can't keep track)


Why is Hellgate: London never on these lists?


Ice cubes swim in a pool of their own blood


Finally, People magazine got the Sexiest Man Alive correct.




Just beat Project Wingman. I enjoyed it! If you're a fan of Ace Combat, you should give it a go. I'll put a few more thoughts in the comments.


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