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So, Gears of War: Judgment sucks, right? It's not just me?


As someone who has never really understood the appeal of VR, this video is fascinating.


Well damn. I wish someone had explained this to me earlier. I'd be rich by now.


This piques my interest


If you somehow haven't seen this week's new Bushism, here you go. It's a thing to behold.


It causes me physical pain when I remember that this game is stuck on the PS3. I desperately want a re-release


I finally played Life is Strange: True Colors. I can now rank every entry in the series. Here's my list ranked from best to worst:


Tried the new fried pickle burger at Sonic. It's a home run! I loved it. I'll return again soon to get another. You can also get the pickle chips as a side dish and they were delicious. I don't normally eat at Sonic, but I thoroughly recommend this.


I've never understood when characters get transported to a magical realm and then CHOOSE to return to earth. Especially when they're a teenager and have no spouse or kids on earth to worry about. Why not stay in fantasy land?


I've gotta tell y'all about a thing I just discovered called Dracula Daily. Details in the comments.


Reason #3762 that I want to be an astronaut: there are no allergies in space


Pro tip: never listen to billionaires in regards to your health care. Talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist. Musk is an idiot.


I think my man just broke disqus


This is oddly brilliant


Replayed Advent Rising (first time since it came out and I rented it at Blockbuster). Boy does that game suck. I want to love it so badly. And I admire the developers' ambition. But at the same time, maybe make a game you can actually make well?


If a movie is still in theaters, don't post spoilers willy nilly. Give some kind of warning please! (this wasn't prompted by any of you, but I did see a spoiler today and it irked me a lot)


In 6th grade, my friend and I saw a random kid in the bathroom. We dared him to pee in the sink. He did. Then we went and told on him and he got in trouble.


I replayed the first Assassin's Creed game. I'll put my thoughts in the comments. But the tldr is that it holds up really well!


Yo listen up! Here's a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him. Inside and outside. Blue his house, with a blue little window and a blue corvette, and everything is blue fo


Oh wow, they're making a live action Avatar film and it's focused on Waterbenders? Rad! Wait. Oh....


Went on a cruise a couple weeks ago and loved it. Here's my favorite picture from the trip. It's a chicken tender that looks like something else.


Just watched The Batman. I liked a lot of elements, but it's a long ass movie. They tried to cram 2 movies into 1, and I wish they wouldn't have.


Share with me a song you like from a One Hit Wonder that ISN'T their One Hit. For example, here's a song from Eiffel 65 (famous for the song "Blue") about Playstation.


I fundamentally cannot understand people who say that water "has no taste" or "tastes like nothing." It tastes like water. Do you just not have taste buds?


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