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I found a couple cool things on Cohost. Like there's this webcomic : https://cohost.org/nothingdoingcomic And this artist : https://cohost.org/RubyMayValentine Who does the song. Yay !


Current Qtoid status


Okay, I give in to peer pressure. R-L-Z on the Cohost thing, I'll try to add you if I fugure out how.


The spawn of last month's 1:30AM dumdums came in the mail. I didn't have the money for this. But I'd lie if I said I regret it now or that I am not aroused. It's pretty !


Holy poop. I'm such a toddler when it comes to fighting in Zelda. (I hope it's not frowned upon sharing videos from other big gaming websites around here ?)


Since you're all doing it ... Red : want to buy and play. Purple : want to buy but probably backlog fodder Electric blue : very interested Light blue : if it's a good deal Yellow : interested/undecided Overlaps are accidents


Okay, that wasn't a bad Direct. Still smells like the end but there' plenty of fun stuff still coming to Switch.


So I guess it's time for the chronic Disqus notifications bork ? Barely distinguishable hospital cats (yes, there are two) pic unrelated.


Goodbye Lucie, you were my best Lucie in the whole world. Rest in peace. ♡♡♡


Another one I don't want to miss. Why do all these wish come true scenarios come with the caveat of being so darn costly.


It's a conspiracy against my bank account !


Oh noes. I really want this ! But I shouldn't spend that money. :-( Goes live in some 6 hours if anyone's interested.


Wheee ! Very interested in this, as in hoping it doesn't stay stuck on the Playstation ecosystem too long.


What's gotten into LRG ? It seems they're ready to ship Night in the Woods (and Skatebird) already ! Feels fast, for them.


Both definitions apply ! :-P


TodAy iS a hOlidAy iN My rEligIon. If yOu WanT sOMetHiNg frOm Me, tHeN pLeAse, dON't.


I am pleasantly surprised by how balanced tricolor battles feel this time around in Splatoon 3. I felt like I had chances both attacking and defending. It does wonders to have a specifically designed map and not having defenders sandwiched.


#Sundogday Funny how wd were hurrying back because of the rain ten minutes ago and now it's all sunny again.


Hey ! There's a Kickstarter going for this cute 3D platformer in the Mara "universe". They advertise it on YouTube. There's a possibility to get a physical copy/goodies and such if you're interested because they are already funded otherwise.


#Sundogday. Also ... (NSFW in the comments)


Hey ! I'm-not-sure-who shared the Magnet Jack Kickstarter a little while ago. It has 24 hours to go and is still short a couple hundo. So if anyone's interested now's the time !


Hey, manga readers ! I am tempted to get into Dandadan. The themes (aliens/occult) rather appeal to me. What do you think about it ?


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