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Game trailers that look like shitposts


Packing my video games into a box to move them over to my new home has been a nostalgic trip! So many memories in here


If you're wondering what I've been playing since fixing my PC... It's Touhou again. Yep, I'm addicted. Got a 1 credit victory in the newest game, honestly it's getting up there as a recommended first entry! More details in the comments


Bass Tales Vol. 2 FINALE: What Remains

Dear friend, This letter must come as a surprise to you. We both know I have never been great at writing them. I have never been great at keeping touch in general. I’m sorry. Heavens, I’m so sorry. I wish I could say that I...


I just realized I never posted after beating Triangle Strategy! It's a great freaking game, great strategic gameplay in a great world. Y'all definitely need to get it after it's ported on a system that can run it smoothly!


Triangle strategy is no joke! On normal it doesn't hesitate to throw you into battles where you're outnumbered and surrounded by enemies that hit for more, are tankier, and move more often than your units.


New story! New story! It's called "The Forms". I was going for a counterpart to the very first short story I posted on here, you can see it as a sort of gentler take on it. Hope you like it! Edit: Bump 2!


Triangle Strategy is legit a great game! Playing it makes me wish there was a PC version, but nonetheless it's got a great flow to the combat and the conviction system is real nifty! About halfway done and I'm hooked ^^


I'm streaming on Twitch! Just going to be some chill Touhou. Link in the thread


I just started playing Triangle Strategy and while I'm seeing a ton of promise, can I just say... HD2D is kind of an ugly art style? These poor sprites all end up blurry and coated in ambient occlusion, I'd just like to see a SNES demake at this point!


Bass Tales Vol. 2: The Forms

The letter came in an unassuming envelope. Plain white, garnished with plain black lettering. No flourishes were necessary; a letter from the Ministry of Certification needs no introduction. Looking inside took me longer than I’d...


I've been branching out into other games in the series (more thoughts in comments) before returning to Imperishable Night and I felt like a true eSports gamer! Few things in life beat this feeling lemme tell ya. :D Bump!


Bass Tales Vol. 2: An Unplanned Visit

On the large, slightly uneven door before you lies a sign you were looking for. Room 2006. This is it. This is it. This is… What is this? You’re unsure of the motive behind your actions. Even just a week ago, you couldn&rs...


YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now I'm putting down the game for real. 1 Credit Clear on Normal! :D


Super Auto Pets is out on iOS, for those curious!


This song is such a bop! Stage 4 in Imperishable Night is my favorite, challenging but still being reasonable to learn on the fly. Up to 3 normal difficulty victories in a row now, maybe it's time to give Hard a try? That's scary though!


Starting a new wave of short stories, starting with one themed around Battle Royales! I wonder who'll get the epic victory royale and get the coveted chicken dinner? Bump 2!


I got kinda addicted to Touhou and kept playing Imperishable Night until I got a clear on Normal, that successful run felt so good -- me and Marisa were kindred souls at that point haha


For how popular the series is online, I've never played a Touhou game before... until today! Gave Imperishable Night a shot and managed to just squeeze out a 1 continue clear on easy on my first go, pretty proud about that haha. Even easy is rough!


Bass Tales Vol. 2: Fleur-De-Lys

On a hot midsummer dayA traveler discoversA most unique sight indeedSome dozen men, and their hutsSurround a field of flowers Among fleur-de-lysAn outsider comes acrossSecretive beauty She requests to take one homeVillage folk swiftly ...


Third vaccine dose is hitting hard today, but I was still able to mess around and improve the Unity prototype for Fore, like by having creating factories for operators. Almost gotten game-like at this point!


Got myself a box of Magic cards from the new Kamigawa set today, lordy is some of the art on these cards good. Big fan.


For iOS people, Super Auto Pets should launch on there very soon according to the dev's Twitter. May you find victories with the jankiest teams you can think of!


The upcoming Kamigawa full-art basic lands look so good unnnng it's going to be hard not to bankrupt myself with these.


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