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😌 I'd begun to think I had lost the touch, the quality of players online has definitely improved since launch haha


Oh yeah, now it's alllll coming together


Been thinking about Steins;Gate 0 again. A big reason why I think it ended up being so successful for me (compared to Chaos;Child and the anime studio's attempts at expanding after S;G) is its focus on love, having it drive the story.


The debug room's getting super chaotic, but this has been a pretty good weekend for progress with the attacks bosses are going to be able to use! I've also been playing Pokémon XD this weekend, it's honestly good stuff.


Finally back to progressing Mirama, way later than I expected but hey! Found out Tiled lets me add static animations to levels without adding code, pretty happy about that! That's going to be a nice and simple way to add some life to the world. Bump!


Crazy how the sketchiest squads in Super Auto Pets end up the most successful...? There's a glitch in the matrix or something, this was pure detritus haha.


Pokémon Fire Red's still pretttty good... but it prevents Pokémon who received evolutions in generations 2/3 from evolving until after the Elite 4! I had a useless Golbat on my team forever, even fed him rare candies!! >:(


What an earworm, the drop at 3:25 onwards in particular! I thought I wasn't into the whole Vocaloid thing but inabakumori is proving me wrong.


Anyone else never went looking for a gun in Disco Elysium because they didn't trust Harry with it? Just me?


All four short stories I've written this month are up in the cblogs! Please let me know how you felt about them if you've given them a read (Edit: Bump!) ^^


I also just finished Disco Elysium! What a ride -- it's got glitches for sure but the writing just grabs you in. I'll want a second playthrough looking more into the supernatural side in time.


The Scene (Finale)

In a hurry, the Storyteller rummages through unpublished scripts. Surely, somewhere in there lies what he's looking for. He must have written a tale fit for a young child at some point. One by one, he combs through pages and pages. He ...


Merry Christmas everyone! Got this shirt in the mail yesterday from my Secret Santa and I'm REALLY excited to try it on tomorrow, thank you so much! ^^


The Thread

"Hark!", a shrill voice pleads. "You! Tired-looking commoner." The summon catches you off guard in the cold, silent streets of Sherbrooke. Amused by its choice of words, you turn absent-mindedly to its origin. Once more, you're startle...


Hey hey! In case you missed it, I've started writing some short stories in the blog section. Two of them are out, and I'm hoping to make it a series of four by month's end. Check a look if you're curious! Bump!


The Card

It was an unexceptional Monday until an unwanted guest visited my dwelling. Against my better judgment, I let him in. And the Businessman, as he entered, had this to say.   "Your left shoe is to be forfeit in the name of profit; H...


Let's (and I can't stress this enough) go!!!


Can you kick up the uhh... 4d3d3d3?


What I got out of these Game Awards is that we're getting a Dune strategy game, neat!


The Cube

My cube. I've been living in it for as far back as I remember. Standing, sleeping, surviving between five deep crimson walls and a bright white ceiling. Not that anything is interesting about all of that, I guess. Everyone out there is...


What's your favorite piece of music of the year? It's been a great year (Guilty Gear, NieRmastered, etc) but the combination of this Chicory piece and gameplay kinda hit different for me


It's done! All trophies, a testament to the quality of the game (because the trophies themselves are pretty damn grindy!)


I got save files working in Mirama! These upcoming winter vacations are going to be a good opportunity to make proper level design for the first chapter! ^^ Bump!


New blog? New blog! It's about my favorite games of 2021, it's late enough that I feel like that's acceptable ^^ Bump 2!


Games I liked and stuff (2021 edition)

Like the awards Sebastian used to make... Just noodles and broth. 2021's about to be over. 2021's... about to be over. So strange to think about. The world might be burning while we find new ways to add oil to the fire, but hey, at lea...


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