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Boss phases are in! Now onto designing attacks that are fun to dodge with all the pieces in place ^^


If your murder mystery's soundtrack doesn't make people react like this 👏 I 👏 don't 👏 want 👏 to 👏 play 👏 it 👏


Just beat The Somnium Files: Nirvana Initiative. Had a wonderful time! Late-game story beats blew my mind a little and got me to rant to people I knew wouldn't play the game hahaha


VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: THE GREAT ACE ATTORNEY IS ON SALE IN THE STEAM SALES! It was already cheap, and now it's cheaperer -- an amazing deal for my favorite Ace Attorney games ^^


So uhhhhhhhhhh this may be a dumb question, but are there official Xbox controllers out there that are rechargeable instead of relying on batteries? I was considering grabbing one of the current gen controllers for PC play.


Time for another game dev update! No way am I getting a functional Level 1 by end of month but at least I got some nice improvements to the way bullets and the camera work. Used to be that bullets only had constant speed but now they can do anything ^^


Critic scores for Somnium Files 2 are looking good! Really looking forward to it.


While I'm unfortunately easily distracted, I think I'm still on track to get you guys a chapter 1 demo by end of June. Hopefully. Maybe?


Now that I have the freedom to make basically whatever room size I want and have the camera follow/snap accordingly, I don't have any excuses left not to do level design... WIsh me luck!


Because Twitter keeps showing us on the Trending tab and it makes me a little spooked... Have you heard about Québec in the news, wherever you're from?


Now that building blocks are in place for me to build a first level for Mirama in the short-term future, I'd be kinda curious to know from anyone who's played my original game jam thing what you liked/didn't like about it? To help tweak the new one! Bump!


Implemented auto-playing cutscenes and the all-too-important Skip button in Mirama! As soon as I've got level transitions figured out I think it's time to start making proper level design in this ^^


The new Destructoid Draws is out! Check a look! Link in the comments. Bump!


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A NEW DTOID DRAWS! And this around, the time is... make your own Shin Megami Tensei Demons and/or Angels! More details in comments! BUMP TODAY'S THE LAST DAY!!!


The whole gang's got their portraits done! Look at 'em!!


Watched that new SPYxFAMILY show -- it's pretty underground, you might not have heard of it. Anyway it's been great fun! I wonder how long it'll run, considering the manga still feels pretty early in its story.




I'm getting soooooooooo close to an Extra Stage victory I can almost taste it! I bet if I could get a triple 1-up from the store at the end of the stage I could do it -- if I don't crumble under the pressure


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'M SO EXCITED


I'm going to go freaking crazy trying to get an Extra Stage clear on Unconnected Marketeers. I know I can do these bits eventually, but string them all together and I start losing my composure as soon as I get hit a single time 😔


Finally got a clean run on Stage 5 of Unconnected Marketeers, and now I'm at three characters out of four with a 1 Credit Clear! Will I ever be freed from this newfound addiction? Who knows!


Finally getting back into game dev mode! This weekend was pretty chill, I ended up adding volume controls, event systems and some baby steps towards cutscenes. It's good to be back! (Bump!)


So I have the hunger for a new DESTRUCTOID DRAWS. But on the flip side, I've tried to make the new ones mirror the original series, and I'm stumped with coming up with a good follow-up to the OC Robot Masters one. Any ideas?


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