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What's your favorite piece of music of the year? It's been a great year (Guilty Gear, NieRmastered, etc) but the combination of this Chicory piece and gameplay kinda hit different for me


It's done! All trophies, a testament to the quality of the game (because the trophies themselves are pretty damn grindy!)


I got save files working in Mirama! These upcoming winter vacations are going to be a good opportunity to make proper level design for the first chapter! ^^ Bump!


New blog? New blog! It's about my favorite games of 2021, it's late enough that I feel like that's acceptable ^^ Bump 2!


Games I liked and stuff (2021 edition)

Like the awards Sebastian used to make... Just noodles and broth. 2021's about to be over. 2021's... about to be over. So strange to think about. The world might be burning while we find new ways to add oil to the fire, but hey, at lea...


Played through the majority of Neo The World Ends With You this weekend and loved it. If you bemoan the death of the AA game, y'all owe it to yourselves to try this one.


NEO: The World Ends With You is extremely nice so far. Characters, soundtrack, addictive battles, it has it all! Ended up getting it on ps4 just to avoid the Epic Store -- I hope people don't skip on that game just because of Square Enix's dubious deals.


Played two games of the new Mario Party. It's good! But the game showers you with coins which kinda makes minigames pointless? Had the most minigame coins in both games and finished 3rd/4th. Also tried out Super Auto Pets and it's a chill time ^^


Had a great time watching Dune! It finished in an awkward spot though so I hope we don't have to wait toooo long for a part II.


Got a little settings menu that saves the settings to disk! Perfect to help test Mirama in either language during development :) Evening bump!


Quick, there's only three months left to play The Great Ace Attorney and be able to rightfully put it on top of your GOTY lists! Hurry!


Really not digging the new Metriod an hour in, which is a shame. But hey, I know Like A Dragon is here for me for the 3-day weekend haha


Destructoid Draws ENCORE: Favorite Sidekicks

Maybe the real friends were the friends we made along the way! So I've been having a good time playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon these past few days. Great time, even, with the game having excellent characters, writing, minigames, the work...


LAST CHANCE FOR THE NEW DTOID DRAWS! The theme is "Best Sidekicks". I want to see your favorite characters outside of villains and main characters! Blog coming by tomorrow evening




Mirama's got some on-disk game settings now! Could be a nice place to hide some easter eggs when all's said and done ^^


In non-election news, Evangelion 3.0+1.0 low-key disappointing. I was expecting better from its great reviews. More details in comments.


Should be an interesting election night tonight -- wonder how the rest of the world will react when it learns it's been annexed to Qu├ębec come tomorrow morning.


That's Deltarune chapter 2 finished! Loved it to pieces! Mechanically it's a bit less elegant than Undertale (and even Deltarune chapter 1) but the improved art, scale, and especially the direction the story's taking? Top of the shelf. Me to Toby:


Time to begin a new Deltarune chapter! The animation quality keeps improving from Undertale to ch.1 to ch2. Makes me wonder if the original chapter will be retouched!


I'll say, the new Wario Ware is pretty poggy! Sweet Moves remains my favorite in the series, but the new one's got a nice twist to it and the Wario Cup is a great concept


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