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The Zelda phone ring holder and a 2022 calendar are now live on My Nintendo. GOGOGO!! Morning BUMP!


Last year gave my hours a boost for obvious reasons, but this year wasn't too bad.


My commission for Kerrik of Farah Oersted from Tales of Eternia is finally complete! I'm really happy with how this came out :). Now with timelapse! Final BUMP!!


There was a visceral moment of dread when I heard the Crush 40 lead was gonna get into eneftees. Thankfully he changed his mind after learning more about them.


Sonic Frontiers trailer! Looks like SEGA finally hired That Man. Very pretty and I'm interested, but I wish there was gameplay.


Sonic movie 2 trailer! Knuckles looks pretty good.


Didn't want to bring things down, but yesterday was the "anniversary" of my sister's passing. I happened to see a post about Domo-kun, a mascot character my sister liked. There were a lot of nice words and support, and it helped me feel a lot better!


Today's been a bad-and-good, but healing kinda day. Without getting too dour (congrats, Perro!!), I ended up taking off today and spending time with my family. It was pretty nice, and I feel much better for it.


This poster looks pretty good! Apparently there'll be a trailer at The Game Awards tomorrow.


Dtoid alive? Thank goodness! Anyway, as I wanted to say this morning: Garfield is being added to Nick All-Stars Brawl.


Outlines and base colors! This is really coming together now :).


I'm doing a commission for Kerrik of Farah Oersted from Tales of Eternia. I finally finished the sketch late last night. I tried to make it dynamic, so I used a bunch of references to get the look down. I think it came out great! BUMP!!


On today's episode of "Now That's What I Call Petty!"


I'll probably be putting up my updated Commission Prices here soon. Money's not catastrophically-tight, but a lot of upcoming expenses will certainly get me there! My art style's been changing up a bit lately, but I can still do the older style. BUMP!


Can you imagine changing your avatar to a Christmas version on the 1st of December? Couldn't be me.


Me, now that I have the flu shot in my left arm and the booster shot in my right:


NEO TWEWY is going for an INSANELY-cheap price on Walmart right now! If you loved the original...you probably already bought this months ago. But if you don't have it yet, it's well worth a try for the price :).


There's a Piplup and Team Galactic phone ring holder on My Nintendo! I don't see the Zelda one just yet.


There's a pretty big sale on Switch games over at Gamestop!


Man, do I LOVE the Cowboy Bebop Live Action......'s music. Yoko Kanno's still got it!


The WB Multiverse game just got its first trailer. I'm surprised it's Free-to-Play! Also, thanks to Google I know who Arya Stark is now.


Padoru Season cards and ornaments are back at My Nintendo.


KoF XV's Open Beta for PS4/5 is available to download now! It'll start on the 19th.


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