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Happy Birthday to Chris Moyse, DeScruff, and Dorothy Haze - the cutest waifus!


Happy Halloween from Bayonetta and the Bayonettes!


Nibel was one of the biggest gaming news reporters on twitter. If it wasn't for DToid they'd make up most of how I hear about things. I wonder what happened?


Things I have learned about buying anime figures at 3AM: 1) AmiAmi can be pretty cheap 2) GoodSmile Global is faster and sometimes cheaper than GoodSmile US 3) The yen is not so strong right now 4) I should draw an X-mas card to sell to buy more figures!!


I was already ready, but now I'm even more ready than I already was!


Thank you, Discotek Media! You keep my childhood alive AND rerelease stuff I've always wanted to see. Seems like a long wait, but I'm down IMMEDIATELY once they're done!


TFW you wake up early in the morning, the world feels smaller, and the sun is juuust about to come up:


Someone needs to tell Mihoyo to stop putting these Genshin events so early in the morning. Now I know how PST people feel with Nintendo Directs! I missed the stream, but got the Primo Codes. Said codes below.


Part of me wants this Blue Archive figure, but I'd rather not have to explain it to....anyone who sees it xD


The beginnings of Super Smash Bros! He even shows some footage of the early prototype here. So cool!


Sonic Frontiers PREORDERED! Got the fancy version thanks to a Birthday gift I'd been holding onto. I wanted it for the artbook, soundtrack, and costume. I can't wait!


When you've wasted half of what you made today getting to/from work because buses keep vanishing completely and your legs literally can't stand standing for a half-hour waiting for the supposed next bus


New VTuber with a yellow jacket to replace the ones I'm about to lose? SOLD! (Also inb4 its it's a brand-new Pokemon)


The 1st Chainsaw Man ending is really fun! There'll be a new one every week. Kinda wish it was the opening theme, even though I like that song, too.


When your favorite VTuber pair are "Graduating" soon, and your next favorite after that is on an indefinite hiatus


I have once again become Torch, destroyer of Gundams!


Odd glitch, but in this permalink it thinks I'm Torch....or have I been Torch all along? No WONDER I like Megaman and Big O!


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