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Grief from work about sitting down of all things (apparently I suddenly need a doctor's note when it was fine before), and grief from my mom telling me not to quit that dumpster fire immediately weren't on my list of things to happen today.


Red Orca, one of the bands who did music for No More Heroes 3, made a music video for a track that I don't think is in the game, but definitely has that vibe. Rock on!


A trio of fun things arrived in the mail recently! What could they be? *Insert picture of a box here because QToid is being a meanie*


Thanks, everyone! My neck crick is getting better. Turning/bending down still hurts quite a bit. Gonna try to go to work today and look into getting a firmer pillow. Wish I knew why I'm always feeling pain/sickness. Is it just "skinny good, fat bad"?


I can't even eat pizza anymore, but these videos are so entertaining xD!


Woke up yesterday with a crick in my neck. It was annoying, but nothing too bad. Took some painkillers and called it a day. Woke up early this morning, and it got WORSE. I can barely turn my head or bend down. Called out for the first time in a while.


Finally played Hi-Fi Rush for the first time. Tried Hard Mode for a slight challenge. Very fun game! I have a few minor issues with framerate, but that might be a laptop issue.


My reaction when horror devs make a colorful, fun game to mix things up:


Bethesda, making a game I care about? Wasn't on my list for 2023, but it's much-welcome!


Hearing people I know talk about going on vacations makes me realize I barely get them. I have days off, but last year I got sick/was in pain so often that I used up any time off on that. Also it's rare that I have more than one day off in a row nowadays.


My W2 came in! My annual salary continues to underwhelm me. That said, I'll hopefully get a decent return this year. I think I'll make this year's "Purchase to Make Myself Feel Better" a new phone! A friend wants to steer me to iPhone, but...yeah no.


Hanging out with friends; my job gives me the "Where are you?" text. Turns out they changed my schedule (that they put up and I snapped a picture of, thankfully) without telling me anything. I don't know how they expected me to know that. Not coming in.


DHL has delivered to me a package from overseas. What could be inside, I wonder?


This is SO COOL!! I always loved this series back in high school.


DHL last night: Your package is a state away, it'll be here by Tuesday. DHL just now as I'm leaving for work: IT'LL BE HERE IN TWO HOURS ARE YOU READY FOR THIS I SURE HOPE NO ONE TAKES IT OFF YOUR PORCH ON THIS SOON-TO-BE RAINY DAY!!!!


I like the new shiny rate! I literally got a shiny Tarantoula within an hour of starting.


Started Pokemon Violet! My Fuecocco's name is Terry.


I spent my day off drawing an Ina. Worth it (probably)! Bump TWO!


I got a mysterious box recently....two, in fact! What magical, adorable horrors await me inside?


Someone wanted to see more sketches of mine, so here's one I'm working on now. It's my OC that everyone knows, the delinquent magical girl, Mahou Banchou! BUMP!


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