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Me, now that I have the flu shot in my left arm and the booster shot in my right:


NEO TWEWY is going for an INSANELY-cheap price on Walmart right now! If you loved the original...you probably already bought this months ago. But if you don't have it yet, it's well worth a try for the price :).


There's a Piplup and Team Galactic phone ring holder on My Nintendo! I don't see the Zelda one just yet.


There's a pretty big sale on Switch games over at Gamestop!


Man, do I LOVE the Cowboy Bebop Live Action......'s music. Yoko Kanno's still got it!


The WB Multiverse game just got its first trailer. I'm surprised it's Free-to-Play! Also, thanks to Google I know who Arya Stark is now.


Padoru Season cards and ornaments are back at My Nintendo.


KoF XV's Open Beta for PS4/5 is available to download now! It'll start on the 19th.


Dragonball Z-ombie Survival game? O-kaaaaaaaaay....


I can't believe the next Guilty Gear Strive character leaked - it's Jam, with her hair down! Quite the high kick she's doing there.


So, I scheduled to have off around Thanksgiving and Christmas. My Manager gave me some grief about it because Retail. The thing is, if I don't use my hours they don't carry over, which is a waste. I'll supposedly talk with him about those days soon, but..


The Genshin Impact 2.3 livestream! ...just happened while I was asleep. Oh well! The great thing about the internet is that someone's always recording. The actual livestream part starts at 9:56. Hopefully a lot of good stuff is coming!


Looks like Jump Force digitally is going kaput in February.


So, this pair of VTubers I follow asked permission to use my art for their schedule this week. It was just a sketch, but I was so flattered they liked it enough to use! Proud-of-Myself BUMP!


You can get 100 Platinum Points if you log into the Amazon page for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: https://amzn.to/3ETZ7Rz


Lately my Mom has been suggesting I take off, after I mentioned how painful some of my shifts have been. I finally decided to go for it! I somehow feel more tired now that I'm "allowed" to rest. I also go to physical therapy on Monday, so that helps!


Also a very Happy Birthday to DeScruff and Dorothy Haze, one of my Top 2 Favorite Redhead Androids named Dorothy!


Fitting that my favorite part of Friday mornings has his Birthday today. Thank you Chris, for lighting up our lives with cute anime girl gifs and words of encouragement each week. I hope you have a stellar day, and weekend!


The Nintendo Store rewards section of My Nintendo has been missing for a while now. Not sure if that means everything is out of stock, or they're just dropping it (which would be dumb). It's the only reason I ever visit that site...


Seems like the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update is live now! I think I'll try it out.


There's finally gonna be a SpyxFamily anime - AWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!


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