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I'm so fascinated with these craft videos lately! (WARNING: Torch discretion is advised, as a lot of Gundams were harmed in the making of this castle!)


As if the subscription thing wasn't bad enough, now Clip Studio Paint is adding an AI generator with a sketchy data resource that they take no legal responsibility for...


I'm expected to come back to work tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'm up to it just yet. I still feel rather tired, congested, coughing etc. But it's 90% congestion and coughing at this point, so I don't know if I should just power through or not.


Genshin Direct! I'm....sick, so I should probably sleep for now. [Edit]: Youtube version added!


One of my many obsessions is watching interesting video documentaries on Lupin III movies that are as long as the movies themselves!


Tales of Arise is on sale for $24 on Steam. Is it worth it?


Now, I'm more of a tea person, but for a Roost coffee grinder, I can learn! https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/the-roost-collection-connoisseur-coffee-grinder-117806/


Never thought I'd like a new Sonic character so quickly, but Sage convinced me. She's fun to love and fun to hate! Just a quick doodle to hopefully start to get out of my COVID-induced haziness. BUMP!


I seem to be immune to Black Friday sales in recent years, as I own 90% of the games I wanna play already. That said, Persona 5 Royal(e) on Switch gives me slight pause, even though I played the original P5 on PS4 years ago. Is there enough new for $30?


My Mom's had COVID the past few days, and I've been taking care of her at a distance. I tested, but was negative. Woke up today with allergy-feeling symptoms, slightly worse than yesterday. I took another COVID test, and it was positive...


Blue Badger pin that you can pose? SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice to see The Game Awards putting some real thought into the nominees this year!


Looks like Deviantart now is making the AI art database something you opt into, instead of being active by default for each individual artwork. What a nice change of heart for a decision that totally wasn't inspired by greed and stupidity!


Well, there goes my old Deviantart account. Time to delete it...


Playing Frontiers after a long day of work. It's pretty fun!


My favorite VTubers "graduate" tonight, so I drew this. Might sound silly, but I'm gonna miss 'em. Final BUMP!!


Happy Birthday to Chris Moyse, DeScruff, and Dorothy Haze - the cutest waifus!


Happy Halloween from Bayonetta and the Bayonettes!


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