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At Best Buy they're offering a 256GB MicroSD card and 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for $50. Seems like a good deal. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/offerbuilder/550612


It's been a week since the SF6 beta and I miss maining Kimberly already. Dramatic re-enactment of me and my neighbors on that weekend:


Nice to see SEGA embrace the speedrun community through Super Monkey Ball and Sonic Frontiers. They even gave a name to that homing attack "glitch".


Looks like I won't be going after that May figure after all...because another figure I ordered months ago just updated with shipping prices. I know this is my first time, but MAN they're expensive! Deets below.


....you know, I COULD stand to build some credit on my credit card....


My rad t-shirt for today. Merry Christmas, everyone!


As someone in the comments said, Sakurai enjoys the high-risk high-reward concept so much, he based his work around it! That sounds like a struggle, but if it works for him, then oh well.


My most-read Shonen Jump titles this year! I think the only thing that kept Chainsaw Man off of this list is the fact that I read most of it before this year. And in SpyxFamily/Kaiju No 8's cases being biweekly/irregular.


Santa got me a box for Christmas! And stuff INSIDE the box, too! What could it be? Dog treats? Let's check inside!


Played the SF6 beta, and I feel all weird. My heart is beating like I ran for a while, and my fingers are all twitchy. I kinda feel like moving, but also like going to bed? Also also I'm hungry again. Is...is this how I'm supposed to feel!?


Just a quick heads up: For those in the US, the post office is doing another round of free COVID tests. It's a pack of 4. https://special.usps.com/testkits


Apparently the Megaman NT Warrior anime is being rereleased for free next year. Makes sense seeing as how Mega's dub voice came back for the collection. Battle Network fans eating like KINGS!!


That tracks! If Twitch and Youtube counted, they'd show up here, too.


The upcoming Bayonetta spinoff is up for preorder ar Best Buy. I didn't know this would be getting a physical release, let alone being full price. Interesting!


Never heard of this marketing stunt, but I'd try a can!


I'm starting to think that I'm not the target audience for gaming industry events. Too much of the same hyper-realistic/dark medieval fantasy stuff for me. Even the Crash Bandicoot game lost me when I found out it was a MOBA. Oh well - SF6 looks cool!


.....oh no. There's a Kimberly figure in the SFVI Collector's Edition! (oh and Luke is there too I guess)


I have made such good use of my time on my day off...


Google Doodle did a cute little series of retro-inspired games to honor Jerry Lawson, one of the creators of the videogame cartridge. He would've been 82 today. https://www.google.com/


Street Fighter VI is getting a 2nd Closed Beta Test from December 16-19. Details and signup here: https://www.streetfighter.com/6/cbt/en/


Sonic Frontiers is getting DLC next year. Supposedly it'll all be free, too. Way past cool!


So Dragalia Lost just ended its service yesterday. I fell off of it right before it announced it was ending, but I'm still gonna miss it. If nothing else, I hope Cygames can use these characters in other stuff going forward like they do for Granblue... o7


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