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Youtube, puhLEASE stop recommending ENDING videoes from games I'm currently playing just because I watched a trailer for it before buying. Thumbnail spoilers galore.


Some of the posts on the overwatchlf page (great site for getting a group btw), are hilarious. "You have to be sweaty, no BS!'', "no tiny dicks who play for fun" and my favorite "if you want to have fun you can go somewhere else". Bless them.


If you've got the expansion pass for the Witcher 3, Blood and Wine is playable on Xbox One right now!


Playing Overwatch with randoms is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Seriously, people are running alone into the enemy, pay no mind to the objective and/or pick the worst possible hero combinations. We rarely need 3 genjis, team.


Nothing quite like getting 1 hour of sleep before an important exam because your roommate was up screaming to his Overwatch team. Hella rad. I hope he was showered in losses.


King's Quest ep 1 is free on Xbox and the season pass is on a discount. The complete collection isn't, however. So...Isn't it the same thing? From the looks of it, the epilogue isn't in the season pass, but that seems weird. Anyone able to enlighten me?


Anyone else been watching the Prepare to Try series by IGN UK? It's good! But now it's over... and I need more!


First time playing a Souls game, and apparently I've been playing it on an easier build aka the press build (xbone eng).. That's what I get for being impatient I guess. Only 4-5 hours in though... Guess I'll let it lie until the 12th. Sigh.


Anyone know how I can get the dark theme for the site to stick? Whenever I click on something, it reverts back to white. Might be something obvious, I'm not especially computer savvy. Please help. I can't go back.


I got it all the way back in spring, but I still haven't finished Majoras Mask. Think I've done the first temple.. It's hard not knowing where to go. All those linear corridors and objective markers in games has made me dumb and impatient.


I miss my PC mainly for indies. Apparently Undertale is a thing which is good. Also, The Witness is coming out. 20 months since you passed away. Keep RIPin, sweet Prince. *pours lemon beer on the floor*


I'm not even curious what happens next in the Game of Thrones game. Maybe because it's been 4 months since the last one and I'm not invested in the story/chars anymore. Also pretty emotionally exhausted by GoT in general. I'd rather have more Tales!


I was afraid they'd pull a True Detective, but man, Fargo is really delivering the goods this year.


Thankful it's over: Not Very Boss At All

My first blog! Kept you waiting, huh? This blog is going to contain spoilers of the game, more specifically something that happens about half-way into the campaign. You are hereby warned. The mouthful that is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom...


Considering buying AC: Syndicate to hold me over until Fallout 4, but paying full retail for another AC just feels wrong. Is it worth? Haven't finished an AC since II, but then again, never played Brotherhood, Revelations or III.


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