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Time for Fondue!


Listening to old DK songs while preparing for a test


We need a new Monty Python team


If your soup talks to you using a Scottish accent call for help immediately!


are you a cat player ?


Are you ready for the speedrun of a lifetime ?!


Take care about pyramid schemes people!


Guys! Peace is at an all-time low!


Merica Top Gun Movie review


Damn God!


This old Brazilian band used to make some fun songs


Truly a sinister being


How to start your day in Spooktober


Portishead inspired the silent hills sound tracks , I did not knew that


Serious Sam was in serious trouble


Too late Peach, your plumber is in another pipe


Important knowledge for everyone "thicc thighs save lives"


A nice Yakuza movie to start the weekend


A song for Merica !


Today I learned "Me cago en todos tus muertos!" has a curse phrase !


This escalated quickly


And now the news


The white stuff really works!


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