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The Flex Tape twist was pretty adherent


For all human players out there!




Seeing Blizzard not being itself anymore is something I didn't expect so soon too


I never expected Fallout 76 to be an absolute success but the trash bag CE + the failed launch + the no return policy gave me a bad feeling about Bethesda next projects.


During this thanksgiving remember to proper Milk your Nuts


Time to guess the pokemon!


Science created the perfect maid, bow down to our new overlord!


MTG Arena Beta is really good and I'm having lots of fun, totally recommend it for other card game fans out there.




This sarcasm is on-point!


"Fuck with me and I will bite your face off " - Angry Dragonfly


PEOPLE! Shovel Knight is getting a physical Switch release!


I'm sad with the PS Classic, the case looks cool, but the emulator in it is nothing we haven't seen before ( is actually a PCSX) the interface is not impressive neither are the actual emulation resources. SAD!


It's hot today


This is great


An important question appears! Can we play Tetris Effect without the VR?


Ever crapped your pantsu and needed a new pair on the fly? Problem solved!


Spooky with love


I think your mom got fully funded and even might easily reach it's first stretch goal. That's one to add to my "to keep tabs on" list.


Just finished Valkyria Chronicles 4 , it was a great ride !


The current state of the Switch collection


When October is your favorite month!


Europa War Lot


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