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This... egh. Wow. Talk about bland as brown toast. The attempts at quirkiness are pointless, the narrator sounds bored, the game moves like a walking simulator. Classic monsters deserve a better take than this Blade 3-level effort.


I think there might be one or two people on this site that will find this funny.


Stand up now, fix the problems now, or the next generation will be so oppressed they will hold you responsible for letting it happen, and they will burn down everything to be free of it.


Whatup, Dtoid community? My latest book is now up! Link in the comments, I hope you'll check it out!


Was holding off on this until I got my newsletter out, but here's a swank sketch of Madelyn one of my beta readers drew. It's spot-on, IMO.


I think I might be addicted to Deep Rock Galactic. Send supply drops.


I know it's too soon to call anything, but has it shocked anyone else that the third largest military in the world invaded a nation still using Soviet-era armaments, and stalled out harder than a Canadian trucker convoy funded by MAGA darkmoney?


Maybe I'm an outlier but I enjoyed The Book of Boba Fett when it was about this little-known character named Boba Fett.


Hey Dtoid, my third book is out. Look at that chonky boi. Look at that absolute unit. You want that. Link in the comments.


Would any of you fine blokes like to take part in an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) read for my upcoming book in the Alex Fossor series? Link in the comments!


My New Years resolution is to continue being me because I am fucking majestic. And you are, too.


If you're an adult actress, good for you, it's not an easy job and you're doing your best. Enjoy the good moments but don't be afraid to stand up against the bad, because you deserve better than someone else's toxicity.


Slept a bit better last night, and while I wasn't there to see dad open his gifts I did hear him laughing with his sister over the phone. After all the months of shit he's put up with at the end of 2021, just hearing his mood lightened is pretty nice.


Dad's back in the hospital for Christmas, and I had a very rough night with back and stomach pains that kept me up. It's not a fun Christmas this year, but I don't feel negative. Just tired, and looking forward to a long night's rest. Merry Christmas.


Sooo... Disqus. I click on you to see my messages. Then I try to close you so I can continue browsing Dtoid. And you take me to a page that says you CAN'T CLOSE. What.


Against all logic, I have completed my latest writing project and am somehow ahead of schedule. What the hell am I supposed to do for the rest of December?


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