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Started a new job as a designer at Wyrd Games last week. I've written freelance fiction for their Malifaux tabletop skirmish game since 2016, so landing this was a bucket list dream job, for sure.


I can't believe I'm up to five of these. But I am! Hope you guys are having a great 2023 so far!


While I've never been a fan of country music myself, my dad would play the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Christmas Album every year. It was the bane of my life during my edgy anti-everything phase, but these days, it's nostalgic. Merry Christmas, Dtoid.


Just one more week until The Callisto Protocol and I can get my Dead Space fix. Pic related.


I am infuriated with Alberta weather right now. Every day since Wednesday I've been shoveling. Fuck right OFF, snow. NOVEMBER JUST STARTED.


So despite telling me I have notifications, Disqus won't let me look at them. It takes me to a page telling me to 'sign up'. HOW DO YOU KNOW I HAVE NOTIFICATIONS THEN, DISQUS?


Someone draw Lady Demitrescu as a Silent Hill 2 nurse and watch the horrorfap community die of dehydration.


Anime idea based on current trends: Cammy White raises a small Killer Bee clone-child of Bison while also beating the shit out of Street Fighters. Juri is the deceptively crazy aunt with a tragic backstory and touching big-sister arch and everyone cries.


Darktide was alright. More show than go. Deep Rock Galactic remains the gold standard, imo. Still, Ogryns.


Midjourney made a not-terrible rendition of my boy, Alex Fossor.


This joke feels like it was crafted for this community.


My internet was out for 24 hours.


This... egh. Wow. Talk about bland as brown toast. The attempts at quirkiness are pointless, the narrator sounds bored, the game moves like a walking simulator. Classic monsters deserve a better take than this Blade 3-level effort.


I think there might be one or two people on this site that will find this funny.


Stand up now, fix the problems now, or the next generation will be so oppressed they will hold you responsible for letting it happen, and they will burn down everything to be free of it.


Whatup, Dtoid community? My latest book is now up! Link in the comments, I hope you'll check it out!


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