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Just finished watching Steins Gate and Steins Gate 0. I really enjoyed both. Highly recommend tutturu.


Just saw a tweet where someone was speculating about the next version of windows'name. Windows 365 was a suggestion which made me think of the very real and very horrifying possibly that the next version of windows will be a subscription model.


Ay gurl are you a developer who made some of the greatest games of all time until you were purchased by microsoft in 2002, where you were eventually forced to make kinect games? Because you seem Rare 😏


The forbidden fruit....


So I bought that there Disco game. I was not ready for this game. I feel like I did not study for this test and even if I had it wouldn't matter. What is this? What is happening. Why do I like it?


I've decided that I'm going to get 120 stars on SM64. But at this point it's out of pure spite.


Bein an imposter in New Vegas. Come say hi :) https://www.twitch.tv/megadinosir


Alright ya'll I just finished the persona 5 animu, so give me your anime suggestions.


Super Mario 64; A game where the toughest thing to fight is the camera.


Out of 343 games so far on backloggd only 9 have made it to the 5 star arena. 2 of which are the same game basically. I'm only on page 30. Though I imagine this list isn't expanding by very much. JSRF almost made it but the control can be a pain at times


I streamed The Ball tonight. What an odd game. It's like porta l but the only useful thing you have is the companion cube and also all the puzzles were dull and obvious. Not a bad game, but nothing special. Also I couldnt resist talking in the Olmec voice


I'm going to streaming on twitch MWFs going through my backlog. This'll be my last post about it as I don't want to spam ya'll too much. Streams will start at 6:00 est. Come say hi :D https://www.twitch.tv/megadinosir


Going live with the Flaming Hot Game Jam at 7:00 pm Est. Come check out all of the games with me. Stream is over thanks to everyone who came, that was fun. A lot of great games with a lot of potential here :) [url]https://www.twitch.tv/megadinosir[/u


I think I'll be streaming that there flaming hot game jam as penance for not completing my game entry. We got a lot of backend stuff done but uh almost nothing to show for it. Life happened. Anyway Tonight at 19:00 est.


Played Aftermath Y2K today. It's been a while. It was probably the closest I will ever get to going in blind. I was pleasently surprised how well it held up. There's somethings I'd tweak, & some rough graphics but overall I'm still satisfied with my work.


Says man who runs a company that's known mostly for buying games to be exclusively released on their platform.


Very important announcement regarding Ghostwire: Tokyo


The black ps5 looks quite familiar.


Nothing says Halo like Open World. I know a lot of people were very happy with the Halo Infinite reveal but I think it looked bad. Reminded me more of farcry than Halo. Maybe I'm just tired of Open World games but I'm disappointed.


*Changes a seemingly unrelated piece of code* *player now flys off screen at the speed of sound after getting hit with a car* #JustGameDevThings


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