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I can't help myself. I'm outta control.


Just watched the first episode of the Legend Of Mana anime. LOM is my all time favorite game so this is really exciting. Episode 1 was a mixed bag. The pacing was all over the place. Art is gorgeous. Definitely not following the manga. There's potential.


I feel like there's too much negativity surrounding Chris Pratt and the new Mario movie and not enough on how it's just a minion movie in disguise.


All game devs make concept/ reference art on sticky notes anyone who tells you otherwise is a dirty rotten liar.


I have come to announce my next project; Bread Wedding: Things Have Gone A Rye.


Hello here is a trailer for the game I am making. Alphadeus provided not only the trailer music but an original title song for the final product, so shout out to the goat.


I started playing Tinykin last night and to be honest I haven't enjoyed a game like this in a long time. Really great level design so far and it oozes charm.


So far I have mixed feelings about Elden Ring. On one hand it adds a lot of interesting mechanics, places, boss designs and npcs. On the other hand the boss gameplay design reeks of overthinking it. Like some convoluted battle in an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh.


When your games RNG demands vaporwave


Making a new game. This time my first full venture into 3D and unity. Going for that psx / LSD dream emulator vibe. And I'm strongly considering adding VR. More pics here: https://twitter.com/MegaDinoSir/status/1483910970774851591?s=20


When I first saw this GBA tomb raider port on reddit I expected it to be fake to some degree. Turns out it's 100% real. Unbelievable, this is a technological marvel. The skill and knowledge to be able to pull this off cannot be overstated. Crazy.


Completed my first playthrough of Conker's Bad Fur Day. Loved the writing and characters. The game however was clearly designed by some evil genius, as the game is an exercise in patience, persistence and above all else frustration.


Pokemon Moba is actually good? It's fun for now at least. Though I wonder if it's simplicity will be it's eventual downfall. Also nerf slows man.


I have finally gotten the 2D skeletal animation implemented in my game. This is gonna save me a ton of time considering the amount of customization my game has and open it up to much more. Neat.


Howdy Amigops. What would appeal more to you? A pokemon esque overworld/story with a card based deck building, monster building fighting sim. Or a more street fighter roguelike card based monster building fighting sim?


So I'm working on something. Another Screenshot below.


Here's my home screen. If you swipe left you can see Ren


I refuse to do the bidding of "The Council". In fact, I will do everything in my power to actively undermine their authority. Start a rebellion? No, that's exactly what they want. Instead I will do that which they could never expect... absolutely nothing.


Just finished watching Steins Gate and Steins Gate 0. I really enjoyed both. Highly recommend tutturu.


Just saw a tweet where someone was speculating about the next version of windows'name. Windows 365 was a suggestion which made me think of the very real and very horrifying possibly that the next version of windows will be a subscription model.


Ay gurl are you a developer who made some of the greatest games of all time until you were purchased by microsoft in 2002, where you were eventually forced to make kinect games? Because you seem Rare 😏


The forbidden fruit....


So I bought that there Disco game. I was not ready for this game. I feel like I did not study for this test and even if I had it wouldn't matter. What is this? What is happening. Why do I like it?


I've decided that I'm going to get 120 stars on SM64. But at this point it's out of pure spite.


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