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Help! I finally installed a working CD drive and ripped my P4DAN soundtrack a month ago - I can't get it out of my head! My brain keeps reminding me that truth is elusive and nowhere to be found, that it can never be written down or found in any magazine.


Okay, no for real, why does it say "hyena" next to my name on my +qpost page title? Anyone else have some animal in their title when they go to the page?


Well, that situated itself back in place quite quickly.


So the place I work at has a Fabrication Lab that is currently free for the staff to make use of. As part of upgrading their computers, I learned to use a lot of the machines, and have done a bunch of fun projects. Here's my latest. More details below.


Hi, hope everyone is doing well that's all, not back but I'd be lying if I said I never thought of some of y'all. Keep on keeping on.


@SenhorLikesChurros @Parismio I caught all the way up to the latest episode of Season 5 of StevenU, and LARS STILL DOESN'T DESERVE SADIE! also it has been awesome and goddamn that there isn't anymore for a while.


All I wanna do, is see you turn into, a working website (a working website!) All I wanna be is someone who gets to see, a working website. (site's been pretty broken, just me? Also started Steven Universe.)


The truth is revealed, completely unedited! Torchman cannot claim this is an edit, because I have archived the actual page! original: https://www.destructoid.com/--474493.phtml#post archive: http://archive.is/r9GHe


I actually hate gundams (didn't work but here's the image, I'll be leaving the page now don't ban me please.)


Does anyone else watch Star vs. the Forces of Evil? I really like the show. Also I finally saw Gravity Falls, that was great too.


Holy shit, Boss 101 finally came out? and I didn't get it yet? time to fix that! Congrats Donley!


Hey guys, I heard there was a celebration going on today and-HOLY HELL p.s. Happy Birthday spiders-for-sale. No, I do not want to purchase one PLEASE.


I'm so sick of a very light hiss on my recording, or the recording being way too quiet I'm probably springing for a real mic w/ audio interface. Can't ever put out anything I make because it's never good enough. PS don't buy Toshiba 3TB externs


this was dumbest thing I could find in my downloads that wasn't mildly sexual.


To balance out the bad, here is good - For those who liked the We Are Number One meme, that actor - Stefan - has beaten pancreatic cancer. translation on reddit in comments.


This site didn't cover the fact that Doug TenNapel misgendered a journalist a while back, which is why if he is at all involved in an Earthworm Jim revival you shouldn't support it, even if you think he is just "a sweet man who's very religious."


Was in a car accident. I've been taking things slowly but it appears I have escaped unscathed. My coworker was driving me, he had some back pain but hopefully nothing persistent. Have a joke.


Destructoid rates 100 waifus! I'm trying to get a list of 100 user's waifus compiled so we can all rate them on a 0-5 scale! Please provide an image, name, and what they are from!


What if Elon Musk is actually a bond villain? Rich powerful charismatic man doing evil under the pretense of good - HE RUNS A FUCKING SPACE PROGRAM.


A New Post of Knuckles Going "oh no" Every Day 2017/06/11 - Lack of release date edition Stop playing with my heart Square Enix.


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I like to make occasional silly photoshops, especially of people on here.
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