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We're all Rangers today.


I watched that Harry Brewis video. Is good. That is all.


Happy Birthday, Zoey/Adzuken! I still remember when you were new here and helped me figure out... some sort of windows problem I was having. I don't remember that part. But you're cool and you write good word things.


Happy Spook Day, everybody! Gonna go play some Castlevania because that game is amazing, and also maybe some Super Ghouls n Ghosts because that game is bullshit.


Happy Birthday to Charlton Heston, national man of history.


Dang. Ten years since Spec Ops: The Line. I'm almost surprised it never got the remaster treatment.


Seems legit.


I'm retroactively angry with every corner of the internet that told me Castlevania Chronicles was worth skipping. This is wonderful if you're a fan of the first NES game.




Bass is good people and his Mirama project is legit inspiring. Happy Birthday, Bass.


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