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Did the thing https://cohost.org/Roager


Seeing Chris's post at the start of every weekend has long been one of the highlights of this place for a long time. It's really disheartening to hear how he was treated. Much love to one of the best dudes around.


This isn't 100& true, but... It's mostly true. I very much want Mario Wonder


The Plucky Squire looks joyous and I'm definitely gonna play it


Happy Birthday Alphadeus! If you could choose one of your songs to put in a shmup, which would you pick?


Shmups are cool


#Stripmas ain't over til the fat guy fills your socks


Fun little chunk of lost game history


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I'm a 28 year old guy in Idaho. I've been playing video games as long as I can remember, starting with an old dusty NES, some Mario, and Battletoads. Now, I mostly play on PC, and try to play as many different games as possible unless it involves the letters "RTS" or "MMO." Sorry, Blizzard. Nothing personal.

Collage of some favorite games in no particular order, courtesy of Dtoid's own Dango.