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Discord removing light theme, something necessary for many ppl with heavy astigmatism or dyslexia, and forcing existing light theme users to use dark and avoid the service to avoid physical pain, for April Fools is quintessential techbro irresponsibility


it's like my cblogs don't show up unless i qpost


hrrm, having trouble publishing this cblog.


Back from the dead, and working on a cblog...


https://twitter.com/taciturasa/status/853835599148716033 I think this is more than I've ever meant something before.


how much would customs be to buy a vita from canada to the us, do you guys think?


High Entry Fees Won't Fix Greenlight.

When news of Steam Direct sprouting up, people immediately started clamboring for high entry fees to publish a game. This worried me for a lot of reasons. This is not just a "drop in the bucket" for smaller companies. Nor is there ever...


https://discord.gg/aafWzEf Made a Discord server for just bein' cozy, woo


miss the old pho place i used to go to at the beach. strawberry boba tea + a spicy pho + EVEN MORE SRIRACHA paradise


If any of you want further clarification about what I'm talking about, go ahead and ask Pixie about it. A resolution may have been reached, but I still don't like what happened and honestly the way things happened make me unwilling to say anything here.


If these new heightened rules aren't gonna do anything but punish and target the people who've used this site for years, then I'm outtie. No more commenting from me and I'm scrapping my cblogs. I'll stay on the Discord but that's it. Peace, all.


https://www.twitch.tv/discordapp DISCORD IS ONE TODAY HAPPY BDAY DISCORD


I love how delightfully vague the lights on the front of a computer are, especially to anyone who doesn't know what they mean. "Lightbulb? YES. Cylinder? MMMMMMM MAYBE"


THat's p much how it went when I showed my friend DToid, yeah...


Review Assault Android Cactus its p good and enjoyable u should play it if u like twin sticks 7.5/10 fam







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