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Silver lining time: the UK is no longer the stupidest democracy.


I have recap duties today. I was going to avoid the election and write about how the endgame of strategy games are usually terrible, but frankly the US no longer deserves such mercy.


At the moment I am finishing an essay on Gauis Gracchis, a roman senator and populist demagogue whose reforms and fomenting of public hatred toward the senate ultimately destroyed the republic he was trying to fix. I can't help but think of parallels.


Before it finally releases, be sure to check out my review of Presidential Election 2016 in the blogs!


Ugh. I've just had to update my review for Presidential Election 2016 because the developers have now patched the emails section, but done remarkably little to update the woeful AI that ruins the FBI in this game.


I'm supposed to be writing an essay on 11th century papal reform - instead I am reviewing something. I feel like this isn't the worst form of procrastination in the world.


My recap for yesterday will have to be late, but my excuse is a good one. I spent this afternoon discussing roman cocks. No, really, this is one from Pompeii - they pointed in the direction of the nearest brothel.


Today I sat in a coffee shop for an hour drinking hot chocolate whilst I work in an effort to feel more productive. At the end of it I had written precisely nothing and developed a love of hot chocolate. Only 5000 words to write by next Wednesday :/


Today I used the site in full screen for the first time in ages - what is with all this white space? The FP is formatted neatly with lots of stuff on it and then you open something to read and white space everywhere!


Ah... Halloween, the day I sit inside eating chocolate to spite children.


Playing the Skyrim: Special Edition, I am seeing bugs that were there 5 years ago including some that break quests. If only there were some people who Bethesda would let play the game in advance and tell us about these things. Oh wait...


Just finished another essay for my degree. Now to enjoy two days of gaming before crunching for the next set of essays.


Red Dead 2 Trailer, Nintendo NX reveal, no more presidential debates, and a cool Stellaris update. I think today might be the best day of 2016.


Since I returned to my flat after 4 days at home I have found it a pigsty, had more of my stuff used without permission, and the person I go to to complain is away until tomorrow. And to top it off, I've got the flu. Life Status:


One of my flatmates has decided to use more of my stuff without my permission and then leave it for me to clean up. Current Status:


My next blog will be a great blog. You haven't seen blogs like that. I'm pushing it big league. *sniffle* This blog will be great.You look at the numbers, blogs are lower than ever. I alone will save it. I have plans, great plans that *sniffle* you'll see


Is it just me or does the human race have a problem with the concept of researching shit before you make a decision? Whether it's elections, hype culture, or something as simple as buying a coat, few do good research. In other news, my day sucks.


Can AAA companies please work on making great games rather than schemes to extort more money through cheap tactics of psychological manipulation? This year has been bad enough as it is without you, Valve.


What I'm getting from the various Civ VI previews I've been reading is that religion could use an expansion, and the rest is basically cocaine. SOLD!


When one of your flatmates uses your stuff without your permission, basically trashes it, and then expects you to clean it up:


Congratulations to Dreamweaver for making the only blog of 9/27/16. https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Dreamweaver/my-passion-project-city-pulse-part-12-if-city-pulse-had-a-sequel--389391.phtml#post That concludes this Cblog recap.


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