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I was just reading through BBC News seeing normal stuff - Trump being an idiot, looming NHS crisis, underfunded everything etc. - when I saw the headline 'Monkey Tries to Mate With Deer' One of these things is not like the others.


All but 4 of my recommended videos are about hot knives, and one of both a 1000C knife and a -1000C knife, which is impossible as any 10 year old can tell you. Please explain.


#confessiontoid I didn't like tonight's Sherlock that much. The episode did not know what 'pacing' is. It started well then it stopped dead. Pun intended.


Has anyone else played a game expecting it to disappoint you and it was actually really good, but you are now disappointed that you weren't disappointed?


I have chocolate cake, a good film to watch. Today is a good day, I'll just quickly check the news... oh ffs. As a lover of Star Wars, I am seriously saddened.


Every time I remember that 2016 will soon be over and feel a wave of relief, I am reminded that 2017 will follow it with all of the negatives and fewer of the positives of 2016. Merry Christmas everyone!


Welp, time to see how bad Valve can be at communication this Christmas. The unthinkable has happened: Steam is down. No, really. It's down. For everyone. I bet we don't get an explanation until February.


I leave my computer for a few hours and I come back to drama. Calm down people, opinions are fine. Tolerance of opinions is fine. Chill. It would not kill you to be nice. Here is a baby penguin.


Hm. SWTOR's latest expansion is really good so far. They are actually using their most interesting character. There is also a stealth section. I did not expect that.


I just saw Rogue One. I have never seen more incredible battle scenes in anything, ever. Now to play Star Wars: Empire at War (modded, of course) until I go to bed. I left the cinema an hour ago and I'm still smiling.


So Activision snuck microtransactions into Modern Warfare Remastered. Putting microtransactions into a classic gem of a game, because Activision was apparently unhappy wallowing in the slime it already has.


Today I did something nice to cheer up a friend. She said it was really sweet and hugged me. I have all the warm fuzzies right now.


Today I heard a Christmas song and smirked involuntarily. Christmas has officially begun.


Is We Happy Few doing something? I remember a great E3 reveal, then it came out and was shit, then the Great Silence. It had promise.


When you find out who has been taking things and making a mess in your flat:


I've been pretty stressed lately due to my flatmates being unhygienic, thieving cunts. Thank goodness for VideogamerTV and their reviewsicals, this legitimately turned my day around:


You find the strangest things in medieval manuscripts.


When you decide to check out the the Watch UNDERSCORE Dogs 2 sales figures.


FREEDOM!!! Time to have fun before the next crunch period. Or I could get ahead. Nah - I'm going to waste time by listening to Monty Python. (this song is NSFW)


Bloody hell, something cheered me up. And it was THIS!? Ok. Thanks brain.


Here's to hoping that Congress guts the powers of the presidency. And, before you get pissy, I would have said the same for Hillary.


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