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I expect this kind of behaviour from smaller companies, but for GAME to do this in the UK seems almost criminal. For reference, that's $600.


So my cactus fell over and I sort of left it... I think it's sentient. #cactustoid


Uncharted 4 or Mirror's Edge Catalyst? Not played either series before, but would like to. Suggestions welcome.


It's happening! The top two cblogs are spam bots! Our robot overlords have finally come to take over and usher in a new age of prosperity!


Since the redesign I've seen loads more upvoting on them there cblogs, so if it's somehow brought more attention to that, that's pretty great. Now we can all sleep easy knowing everything's perfect forever


I have the money - do I buy the Talos Principle, the Witness of Firewatch? It's tearing me apart!


How viable a topic is "What I thought The Phantom Pain Would Be" as a White Whales c-blog topic? Too embittered?


Is there a way to mark spam blogs? Check the Star Wars one anyway (unless you haven't seen the film - it spoils it in the first paragraph).


Challenging Narrative in the Modern Game

I haven't properly finished a game since Beneath a Steel Sky. Granted I only played it in March of this year, after finding out it's free. It was great, short, a refreshing change from the kind of games I play most these days. Alt...


What's up with those robot marketing blogs on the clogs page at the moment, guys?


What's up with those robot marketing blogs on the clogs page at the moment, guys?


Was on the front page and was greeted by a new post, which I clicked to find "You cannot see the future". Then refreshed and it was gone. I saw Chris's post on Eight Days' cancellation as it was brought, new and unready, into the world! Rare and wonderful


My community remix is all community, then all front page, with no mixing! Can I get it changed to "School Disco" mode?


Anyone know how to remove quick posts from the "Just posted" view of C-blogs? I'd post a photo, but ehhhh. Thanks


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