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Happy birthday Mike, one of my favorite dtoid people. Hope your day is a good one and I'll tip my beer to you


I know things are kind of a shitshow all around, but here is some cute fluff to hopefully help you smile a bit


At least there has been some good news in the past couple days


I was going to preorder the Ori collectors edition....but $150 told me i wont be doing that today


I want a ps5, but I think I'll wait for GoW 2 or what ever it is called to get one


So I tried to post this picture in my last post but my phone is stupid as shit sometimes


Playing THPS. Goldfinger gets all the love but this is still my favorite track


#childhoodtoy I may have shot my brother with this more times than I should have (not my pic)


I forgot to post this yesterday, but happy 25th (US) birthday to the greatest game of all time


Ive been getting into pokemon go again recently. Caught this beautiful bastard today


I like that i am watching live baseball now. That is all


I have one choice left for last months humble that I wont use. If some one ones Grid or Senua, let me know. First come first served


Ive realized that the only new games (not remakes or remasters) ive bought this year are Streets of Rage 4 and Shantae. Kind of wierd to think about


What a lovely end to Harley Quinn season 2. Here is hoping for more episodes


Happy father's day to all the dads in Dtoidland


Lookie what I got in the mail today


Playing through XC DE and my goodness is that game still amazing. Personally leaps and bounds over XC2


This is a petition I can get behind


Does anyone else here watch the Harley Quinn animated series? Because holy shit is it good


Don't know if it is an error or not, but Lego Ninjago The Movie the game is free on the psn right now in the US. Not the most exciting but free is free


I have a steam code for Wonderful 101 from kickstarting it that I am not going to use. Throw a comment to this post by 5 pm EST on Monday May 11 and I'll randomly select someone *final bump. Drawing in 4 hours*


So many games I own and what do I do? Buy pokemon crystal on 3ds to get a celebi


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