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Id say this was a good choice for platinum 299 and 300 (Fallout 3 being 300)


Here is a list of what has played at the opening ceremony today. Solid playlist. Also I see they misspelled Phantasy


I watch America's got talent auditions from time to time and had to double take at this one. Back from the old screwattack days


Day one, special edition no questions asked


Happy birthday Gundy. Nep Nep for life


I am retroactively adding Yakuza Like a Dragon to my GOTY list for last year. The management part has sucked me in hard. Spent 5 hours last night. Im rank 7 so almost there


I love when my old strategy guides become relevant again


Happy birthday to my Bday twin Occams. One of the best. Have a beer on me


I'm thinking of punishing myself and giving Avengers a shot as they added it to PlayStation now. We'll see if it is as bad as I have heard


Following @Derpunkel I checked and holy shit my anniversary for dtoid is today too. 12 years. That is a long time to be with you beautiful people


I would add a comment to wish dtoid a happy birthday, but I couldnt


Happy birthday Lily. You are very good people and a great part of this community


#womantoid one of the most badass from one of my favorite games of the last few years


Got a gaming laptop this week. Being able to jump into my steam collection and having Playstation Now running at full capacity is really nice. Playing Ace Combat 7 and it runs like a dream


#indietoid I have gotten back into this game hard the past couple of days


New NOFX album came out today. Pretty good and probably the best one in a long time. Listened to it twice already. Also love this video and song


Not gaming related, but a new Mars rover just landed a few hours ago. Here is its first picture


Ooh, I get to play what's in the box too


Now that yesterday's festivities are over, back to regular news stories


Dear rest of the world: I apologize that our reboot took 4 years. Hopefully we will be back to working order


The browns won a playoff game. He'll is getting quite frosty now


Walmart has a pretty nice e-deal going on. I ordered one and got it emailed about an hour later


I found this video while perusing some punk videos. I don't know what to think of it.


First game beaten of the new year: Ghost of Tsushima. Ending was alright but I loved the game play. Only need a couple for collectable things for the platinum


Happy new year dtoid. Heres to a hopefully better year than this past one


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