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Dear rest of the world: I apologize that our reboot took 4 years. Hopefully we will be back to working order


The browns won a playoff game. He'll is getting quite frosty now


Walmart has a pretty nice e-deal going on. I ordered one and got it emailed about an hour later


I found this video while perusing some punk videos. I don't know what to think of it.


First game beaten of the new year: Ghost of Tsushima. Ending was alright but I loved the game play. Only need a couple for collectable things for the platinum


Happy new year dtoid. Heres to a hopefully better year than this past one


Everyone else is doing it so here is my top 5 in no order: Ghost of Tsushima, FF VII, 13 Sentinels, Maneater, & Tony Hawk 1+2. Honorable mentions: Streets of rage 4, trials of mana, immortals


watching smash reaction videos is how i will be spending my day. they are so wholesome


And found out today my brother on law and his wife are having a baby


I found a few more steam keys in the comments for people to have


Ive been playing Forager this week amd it jas been pretty fun. Nice chill put game. I have a Steam code for anyone who wants it in the comments


Chris you are one of the best rays of sunshine here. Have a good birthday


Voted Richter Belmont 2020: He'll whip this country into shape


Free copy of halo 5 if you sign up for the below


It may be preowned, but pretty good deal on a switch dock for a second tv at gamestop. Comes with ac adapter and HDMI cord


It might be to early for cursedmas but this is Halloween themed, so deal. Audio is nsfw


They implemented a new trophy calculation on psn. Went from level 65 to this


Happy birthday Mike, one of my favorite dtoid people. Hope your day is a good one and I'll tip my beer to you


I know things are kind of a shitshow all around, but here is some cute fluff to hopefully help you smile a bit


At least there has been some good news in the past couple days


I was going to preorder the Ori collectors edition....but $150 told me i wont be doing that today


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