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Finished the divergent ending of AI Nirvana Initiative. Damn good game. Still like the first a bit more but still will put this top 5 of the year


Theatrhythm and Bayonetta 3 were the only things I'm looking forward to from the direct. Nothing else super exciting for me


Hbo has been on a roll of being dogshit, at least there was a small spec of niceness today from it


Happy Harley Quinn day. I have been looking forward to season three for over a year


I smelled a corpse flower today. It smelled like hot wet garbage and shit. Really cool though


Instead of working, I've been looking at shitters


It's been awhile since I placed this one, i still get the amazon 20% off discount...


Pretty cool of FromSoft. Lunk in comments as I don't know how to embed tweets in a post


Finally dove into AI. This gem is like an hour in


I hate that I was super looking forward today, between AI to play and a new Coheed album to listen to. But all I feel is like shit and dont want to partake in either. The things the "leadership" in this country do piss me off to now end


Kinda piggybacking on Meursault, but Metal Unit is also on Prime games for free right now. Awesome sidescrollig shooter roguelike.


Welcome back Captain. Looking forward to watching this tonight


Dear Amazon, fuck off. Thanks, Jason Literally placed this order day after announcement


I am the Elden Lord after 130 hours


These 3 are getting added to nick Allstars and I only know who 1 is. I feel old


I know there are a lot of older crotchety people out here like myself, but I just watched the latest AVGN and the ending of it is how I remember my childhood. The last 5 min are worth a watch at least


Happy birthday to my birthday twin Occams. You are some good people


This is my favorite Gilbert Gottfried video. It is for sure NSFW but still cracks me up everything. Ill throw it in the comments


I don't know if it is where I am, but I have never been able to do any online MP, either invasions or cooperating. Am i missing something? I have used the golden finger and never see any signs around bosses


Happy birthday Dtoid. Here's to another year of you crazy l ids


My son and I have been getting into the Mario legos. This one was announced today. For 10 bucks, its mine


Square just posted a ton of playlists on Youtube. I don't use spotify, so this is nice for me. FF, Mana, Saga, Nier, TWEWY and a bunch more https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMx60HYcw1ieiPlZZagfqXQ/playlists


My brain: I don't need elden ring. I just bought HFW and Edge of Eternity this week, and Arceus a couple weeks ago. Also, FF Stranger of Paradise comes out soon too My heart:


Shadow Warrior 3 will be a Playstation now game from day one. Pretty good get for that subscription


The first was a pleasant surprise. Im in for found 2


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