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I did the thing. Also I'm Jasondm300 on pretty much everything https://cohost.org/Jasondm300


Bought tickets to this and I cannot wait. I've wanted to see this for years and I believe this is the closest it has ever been to me


Happy Lagwagon day everyone


Perfection https://mobile.twitter.com/ARuFa%20/status/1637751332235878400


AS a last hurrah, Capcom has most of their 3DS games on sale for $3. All the pheonix wright games (minus the layton crossover) can be had for $12. not a bad deal. Not the biggest fan, but for that price, i'll bite.


Looked at the state of play stuff and the most exciting thing for me is I can try Ghostwire. It seems like the perfect game for plus


It's the asian version but ff pixel remake is in English and available. Both ps4 and switch 74.99


Sorry for the double post. Gives me an excuse to post some more music: The Black Mages, Uematsu's rock band that played Final Fantasy music. And this one from my favorite numbered one


Legend of Dragoon will be with PS plus come next Tuesday. I am so fucking pumped for that. One of the unsung heroes of PS1 era


Square put up some valentine's day cards and either this one or the one in the comments are my favorite


For today's song, one of my top 5 albums from one of my top5 bands ever: Cursive. This album The Ugly Organ I have listened to countless times and still fall in love with it every time


We finished the Lego titanic this weekend. Son for scale


Achievements unlocked: student loans fully paid off and closing on our new house next week. Can't wait to move. For today's 20th anniversary song, a great side project: Reggie and the full effect


I feel like shit today, so here's another of my series of music I personally love from 20 years ago: Rainer Maria. Indie/emo band with some great melodies. One of my personal fav bands.


For me, 2003 might be the most influential year of music. I was 16 and really discovering a ton of different music. Going to try post a variety through out there. First up, a man and his machine from FL: Atom and his Package


Anyone else check out the new Velma show? Its...alright I guess. I might keep watching it but it needs to do something really exciting to keep me enticed


I played a bit of playstation. I did platinum all 5 of these and really enjoyed them all


Pissed that Vance won my state, but at least Cinci finally got rid of an old crone R that has represented a pretty progressive city for far to long


Voting done. If you are in the US, please go


Just finished watching this. The definitive biopic experience. Free on Roku


I don't own a lot of board games, but this one has a big chance of getting added. Kickstart starts Nov 1 (bump as it's live https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/contentiongames/slay-the-spire-the-board-game )


Here is fun music video. Watch it muted for a bit then turn the sound on and be confused


10 years since this masterpiece was released in The US


Reached a big psn milestone today


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