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Hope everyone enjoys Dark Souls: Death of the Wild this weekend. Eagerly anticipating getting to it and I feel just like a kid all over again. I'll be seeing you in The Lands Between fellow Tarnished.


On Friday I'll be wading through monster-filled swampland, exploring dangerous townships,, and fending off rotting beasts in a land torn asunder. Then next Friday I'll be back from Florida and can finally play Elden Ring.


Man those Elden Ring reviews. I have gone FromSoft to hard in a matter of a few readings


I won't be around for two weeks. Hope y'all have fun.


Elmo Todd: The Demon Muppet of Sesame Street


An announcement from Capcom is due on the 21st Feb. Time for more Dino Crisis Disappointment baybay!


Happy Day of Affection you beautiful bastards. Have a selfie as I contemplate which of you gets your Valentine's Day gift first.


I am Jack's hatred of ties on ceiling fans


On the one hand, I'm going to Miami in two weeks for a holiday. On the other, I leave the same day Elden Ring comes out. Why yes, I am tempted to call it off just to play a video game, much to the disapproval of my girlfriend.


Hope y'all have had as good a Monday as you can do!


Attack on Titan, as expected, was masterful. But that soundtrack, regardless as to whether you watch the show or not, is an absolute banger. Gives off "Final Boss in Dark Souls" vibes. (Don't look at the images in the vid to avoid spoilers).


My American partner this morning after I made a terrible dad joke: "I'm so happy evolution threw in a free jawline with that accent."


Cursed image in the comments. If you ever want to see what a flesh ashtray looks like now's your chance (looking at you Phil)


You know that Apex Legends spin-off game, Titanfall 2 I think it's called? Multiplayer is actually pretty good; not quite as good as Apex but solid stuff. Personally think the wall-running is unnecessary though.


I've finally done it. I've watched every episode of Riverdale so far. Ask me anything you want to know about this modern masterpiece that can only be compared to Hitchcock by way of Lynch. My mind is fried.


Seeing this race to the bottom of the company collectathon is exhausting. At least Elden Ring and Dying Light 2 are out this month to cheer me up.


Persona 5 Strikers rules. That is all.


And that's a wrap on the Mass Effect Trilogy. What a ride. What a set of games. The journey was a fun one - Garrus is best boi. Tali is a sweetheart. Liara is my wife. Wrex is a bro. Just a wonderful set of games that I'll definitely revisit soon.


Playing a lot less multiplayer games this year so hopefully this will be less disgusting to look at.


Listing out the companies bought by Microsoft in the last five years, including the latest acquisition, is insane; whenever someone tries to compare it to Sony purchasing Bluepoint/Insomniac, I feel like they don't have a leg to stand on.


Heading off to bed, yet this particular piece from Mass Effect 3 is still playing in my mind, despite being many hours removed from the mission it's attached to. A gorgeous piece, and already one of my faves.


That's a really uncomfortable level of money being thrown around, power being consolidated, and monopolisation going on for me personally.


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