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My lustful gaze when watching footage of 'The Finals' (a new FPS from ex-Battlefield developers)


Destiny 2: Witch Queen DLC beaten. Great game, excellent narrative, and a superb set of twists throughout. Easily one my favourite Destiny "things" I've had the pleasure to play through.


Lost Legacy done and dusted. Yeah so, Naughty Dog, just use Chloe going forward please. She slots into this role naturally, and is a superb character. She deserves a trilogy of her own. What a great game.


I honestly don't know how I keep getting this unlucky with games. She's been like this for twenty minutes.


Sad it's ending. Happy it's ending on its own terms. It's a fuckin' winner no matter what happens.


Despite it being more low key than others, birthday has been pretty good today. Persona 4, Lightfall, Metroid Prime, some new perfume & sunglasses, a snazzy suit, and a whole weekend of activities planned. Sometimes folks, life is good.


Finished REmake. Have now played all the mainline RE games in some shape or form. In terms of my personal enjoyability, I've ranked them below.


My friend's response to the latest episode of The Last of Us had me cackling. Yeah... That WOULD be wild if a video game did that huh... I can't imagine gamers would EVER be annoyed about it.


Just watched the Suicide Squad game footage. It's a game I have not yet played, yet is also a game I'm sure I've completed several times already.


Happy Friday y'all hope you have many good games ahead of you for the weekend! Gonna finish up REmake, and maybe start Uncharted: Lost Legacy or carry on with Horizon: Forbidden West.


Should polish up RE1 in the next few days, work permitting. Then it's on to Yakuza 0 me thinks.


Hammering through the backlog because I have too many classic games I've never beaten. Trying to finish RE1 for the first time, and as ever I'm struggling to enjoy it on any level. Yakuza 0 & Persona 4 on the docket afterwards. I'll get there eventually.


Dead Space Remake done and dusted. Improvements in the graphical & world design aspects aside, it's much more of the same, for better and for worse. Solid stuff. Hope the second one gets a similar treatment. 7/10.


Broke Dead Space. I'm stuck in first-person mode, my weapons won't load, enemies have de-spawned, and I have no missions available. Guess I should just explore like it's a first-person Walking Sim instead.


An exceptional Direct. Think the first presentation I've loved from beginning to end since Sony's PS5 reveal. Excellent stuff all round.


I genuinely think this might be the thing I have instead of a child. It makes me that happy.


That new episode of The Last of Us is beautiful. Just beautiful. Using the song 'On the Nature of Daylight' should be considered cheating because it never fails to make me cry.


Finished The Medium. What an ugly, nasty little game that is. When it's not sympathising with sexual predators, it's actively telling people with trauma that maybe 'you are beyond saving.' The below trophy tells you what it's stance is on mental health.


Watch the new Last of Us episode with headphones. Makes it so so tense. The sound design is incredibly crisp and astoundingly intimate - Hats off to the foley artists and mixers out there, because stuff like this shows how important you are.


Oh yeah. That was some good fucking stuff right there. Craig Mazin & Druckmann nailed it. I need the second episode immediately.


The wrestling news saddens me. Current status.


Saw a post earlier about Evil Dead Rise. That movie looks fuckin' groovy.


Started playing Saturnalia, an Italian horror game but the art style makes me motion sick. So I'm replaying Catherine instead. As for multiplayer, I've been roped into Gundam & Elden Ring Co-op which I'm really enjoying. Hope y'all are enjoying '23 so far


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