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Oh yeah that's some good shit.


"Firefox Mozilla... that was my name. I am Firefox UnChromium."


Playing Deathloop. Damn I though Aloy was slightly tedious with her dialogue, but Colt is written as if Joss Whedon scrawled all over a James Gunn script in crayon. Current status:


Got a fun little thing planned for ExtraLife in November this year. I'll be bringing friends.


Daily reminder that Severance rules.


Didn't know my favourite wrestler was going to be in the next Yakuza game. Damn now I may have to grab it despite never having beaten a Yakuza game before.


Only just seen the Fire Emblem character design and damn, I want all of you to put some respect in Toothpaste-Chan right now.


Part of me still wishes that Sony & Nintendo had a BIG Direct/SoP scheduled each year for showcases and reveals so I can plan around them and not be caught off guard. However, both were pretty damn good and a bunch of games look like must buys.


Solid direct. Pikmin 4 & Tears of the Kingdom are the only two things I got from it, but I'll be damned if they're not both good things


I'm so happy to know I'm too old to find Leo in my sock drawer.


Remedy games whenever I start to enjoy them.


Everything I hoped for and more. 'Saul gone man.


I'm not ready for Better Call Saul to end. For my money, the superior show of the two dramas. Just exceptional throughout. Guess I'll just rewatch all three once it's over.


Hey Gaj, missed it because work, but happy birthday you fellow degenerate. Hope you had a good one.


Shame that the Gyms won't have level scaling in-game, meaning the "choose the gym you want to challenge when you fancy" mechanic is worthless, but besides that, the games certainly look decent. My switch is gonna be used so hard this autumn.


Sifu has an Old boy reference 20 minutes into its run time and frankly that's enough for me to declare it the best game this year.


I have yet to touch Xenoblade, but hope you're all enjoying it so far.


Xenoblade 3 downloaded and I have Kirby in the mail. It's nice to get to use my Switch every once in a while.


Nostalgia is the strongest drug of all


Man that Resident Evil show is a fucking trainwreck huh.


Really enjoying the backlog of '20/'21 PS5 exclusives so far. Miles was great. Returnal is kicking my ass and I'm thanking it for the pleasure. Demon's Souls is a similar experience. Hoping to get R&C done sometime soon. Overall, pretty good lineup.


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2015 - Undertale

2016 - Oxenfree

2017 - Persona 5: The Royal

2018 - Return of the Obra Dinn

2019 - Disco Elysium