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Feel free to join our Pokémon Nuzlocke here: tinyurl.com/watchlfp


Prins, Frosty & Myself will al be doing an ExtraLife Nuzlocke Race stream of Pokemon Platinum. Come watch my two friends absolutely demolish me at my favourite Pokemon game.


Persona 5 Royal speaking to Boxman, upon realising he doesn't have multiple saves in a JRPG.


I have time booked off to play God of War Ragnarok next week. Haven't done that since Bloodborne seven years ago. With the exceptionally positive reviews I am so so excited to get my hands on it. Bring it on baby.


Extra Life is this Saturday! And I'll be joined by our very own Frosty & Prins for a Pokémon Platinum Nuzlocke Race between the three of us. Hijinks & terrible Pokémon plays abound. Rules and streaming-link to follow!


I fucking adore Beacon Pines. That is all.


That RE4 Remake is a thing of beauty. Day One buy for sure. Us horror lovers are getting spoiled.


Silent Hill post regarding mo-cap was a bit vague. Had a couple of people point out that there was mo-cap in the previous game. Not what I meant: There was no facial mo-cap in the previous game at all, something not a lot of people seem to know about.


When you realise that, by using mo-cap, Silent Hill 2 Remake won't have the uncanny valley effect that creeps you out (specifically Maria), and so character models won't look unsettling, just awkward and stiff.


To be a Silent Hill fan is to be in pain.


Watched a film about the scariest scenario imaginable: Working in a restaurant at Christmas. Boiling Point is worth its weight in gold. It's Uncut Gems, if it was British & centred around hospitality. Also Stephen Graham is the best actor working today.


Finished my first spooky book of the month. Revival. Creepy as shit, with an ending that makes me feel existential in a way few books ever have or will. It has also made me even more terrified of death, dying, and what that means. Thanks Stevie boy.


Overwatch 2 is a bit of a mess huh. They literally didn't even bother to re-centre the victory card for 5v5, hot damn.


Jack Black as Bowser stealing the show from Mario. What a fucking perfect voice casting he was.


That Disco Elysium news update.


Was going to write a post talking shit about the bread memes. Thought I'd do it just to get a rise out of you all


The UK government the last week.


Oh yeah that's some good shit.


"Firefox Mozilla... that was my name. I am Firefox UnChromium."


Playing Deathloop. Damn I though Aloy was slightly tedious with her dialogue, but Colt is written as if Joss Whedon scrawled all over a James Gunn script in crayon. Current status:


Got a fun little thing planned for ExtraLife in November this year. I'll be bringing friends.


Daily reminder that Severance rules.


Didn't know my favourite wrestler was going to be in the next Yakuza game. Damn now I may have to grab it despite never having beaten a Yakuza game before.


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