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The Quarry is out Friday and I'm so excited; took a break from the Dark Pictures games, so seeing a big, Until Dawn structured game from Supermassive again has me very hyped. Time to kill some teens.


Nobody goes to Dorsia anymore anyway.


Hope any of you peeps with family or friends in Texas are doing okay. Words don't do it justice, but this Brit can only offer his condolences.


Nothing worse than being ridiculously pumped for a movie, one that has been on your "Most Anticipated List" for months, and it just doesn't click with you at all. That sensation just leaves a hollow feeling in my soul.


Man, Thor: Love & Thunder looks super fun. Also Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher looks sweet.


So it turns out The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe is my Game of the Year so far. Thank you Mr Wredon and the rest of the team at Crows, Crows, Crows for making me cry with laughter and become quiet with melancholy so frequently.


Resident Evil 8 done and dusted. What a fucking game - The ending sequence genuinely made me misty eyed. The quality of the level design dropped off a cliff after the Benviento Estate, but it was still fun as heck; 9/10. Spoiler thoughts below.


Reservoir is easily the worst part of RE8 so far - Felt like it didn't really have a design identity the way the Castle (classic RE) or the Estate (psychological horror) did. Minimal threat, zero scares, a quick puzzle and a boss fight and it's over.


I decided to take a break after beating the Estate section of RE8 because of how damn good it was. Hey Konami, let the guys that produced and designed THAT level make a new Silent Hill game. They seem to get what they're doing.


Just completed the Beneviento Estate in RE8. Current status


Dropped Death's Door for being thoroughly mediocre; decided to boot up Resident Evil 8 and give it a go and boy howdy, what a blast so far.


Been playing some Death's Door after beating Little Nightmares 2. It's cute, but definitely nothing spectacular; feels very much like so much thought went into the style that there wasn't much left for the combat and gameplay.


Little Nightmares 2 done. Atmosphere, music, & art direction are masterful, but even they can't save it from a muddled story, sticky controls, annoying camera, and an ultimately frustrating ending. Solid, but nothing special (much like the first).


One of the writers on the Halo TV show is an NCIS writer. Pretty sure they just hired the rest from WattPad. If it's any consolation, watching the show makes you appreciate 343's writing a lot more.


I am helping the voice of Choice


My first platinum trophy on my PS5 belongs to Elden Ring and what a game it was. The highest highs and lowest lows of the FromSoftware games for sure. Definitely gonna be on my end of year list despite the drop in quality at the end.


Currently watching a country actively regress before my very eyes and it's just so fucking sad.


Thanks Tony for telling me that this has been released. Time for a trip down the rabbit hole again.


You asked for trouble, we make it double. Joseph. Mary. Jesus who's ears are hairy.


Across the Spider-Verse has been delayed until June 2023. We live in hell.


The more I play Elden Ring the more I realize this quote is apt for every Outer God in the game.


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