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And that's a wrap on the Mass Effect Trilogy. What a ride. What a set of games. The journey was a fun one - Garrus is best boi. Tali is a sweetheart. Liara is my wife. Wrex is a bro. Just a wonderful set of games that I'll definitely revisit soon.


Playing a lot less multiplayer games this year so hopefully this will be less disgusting to look at.


Listing out the companies bought by Microsoft in the last five years, including the latest acquisition, is insane; whenever someone tries to compare it to Sony purchasing Bluepoint/Insomniac, I feel like they don't have a leg to stand on.


Heading off to bed, yet this particular piece from Mass Effect 3 is still playing in my mind, despite being many hours removed from the mission it's attached to. A gorgeous piece, and already one of my faves.


That's a really uncomfortable level of money being thrown around, power being consolidated, and monopolisation going on for me personally.


That Moon Knight trailer is just pure, fucking, bliss.


That first mission of Mass Effect 3 is a certified banger. Music, presentation, cinematography and sound design was just exceptional. Also, who the fuck is James and why does he look like a flesh coloured Shrek?


Mass Effect 2 done with all of my crew surviving. Much like the first, a solid 8/10 overall and a lot of fun. Guess it's time to see how it all ends; I have never been spoiled on these games so I'm interested in how it plays out.


Home stretch of Mass Effect 2. Might even nab the platinum since I've been doing basically every mission for it anyways.


Only real issue I'm having with Mass Effect 2 so far is the personalities of the Krogans. They're kind of sterile.


Finished Season 3 of Succession. The show is currently the best that's still running, narrowly beating out Better Call Saul. Just exceptional, outstanding, harrowing TV.


A few hours into Mass Effect 2 now. Current thoughts:


Mass Effect 1 beaten, for real this time. Pretty good game. On to Mass Effect 2.


2000th QPost so feel free to AMA. Or not. I 'unno what to put here. I'm up late and watching more Succession (you should watch Succession its fucking excellent).


Resident Evil 3 Remake done (was very fun). Mass Effect 1 almost complete (I swore I'd beaten it before but apparently not). We're six days into the new year and I'm hammering away at that backlog. Also Mass Effect remains great, looking forward to ME2.


Happy new year folks! Much love to you all.


Decided to do some TV stuff too before getting into my Gaming List. Check these out if you're stuck in isolation with nothing else to do.


It is time for my first ever play through. I literally know nothing about the game so I guess I'm in for a ride.


Space Jam 2 is my least favourite isekai anime.


Some of my favourite movies of the year. Give 'em a watch if you haven't.


The entirety of FnaF lore or the entirety of Kingdom Hearts lore? Which would you rather sit through?


In the spirit of festive cheer, I want to hear some of your favourite jokes in gaming. Disco Elysium, Night in the Woods, Stanley Parable, Undertale... After a pretty tough year, I could do with some laughs.


The second most interesting Vaporeon fact I know.


When my grandma approaches me to give me a fifth helping of roast potatoes at Xmas dinner.


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