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I decided to take a break after beating the Estate section of RE8 because of how damn good it was. Hey Konami, let the guys that produced and designed THAT level make a new Silent Hill game. They seem to get what they're doing.


Just completed the Beneviento Estate in RE8. Current status


Dropped Death's Door for being thoroughly mediocre; decided to boot up Resident Evil 8 and give it a go and boy howdy, what a blast so far.


Been playing some Death's Door after beating Little Nightmares 2. It's cute, but definitely nothing spectacular; feels very much like so much thought went into the style that there wasn't much left for the combat and gameplay.


Little Nightmares 2 done. Atmosphere, music, & art direction are masterful, but even they can't save it from a muddled story, sticky controls, annoying camera, and an ultimately frustrating ending. Solid, but nothing special (much like the first).


One of the writers on the Halo TV show is an NCIS writer. Pretty sure they just hired the rest from WattPad. If it's any consolation, watching the show makes you appreciate 343's writing a lot more.


I am helping the voice of Choice


My first platinum trophy on my PS5 belongs to Elden Ring and what a game it was. The highest highs and lowest lows of the FromSoftware games for sure. Definitely gonna be on my end of year list despite the drop in quality at the end.


Currently watching a country actively regress before my very eyes and it's just so fucking sad.


Thanks Tony for telling me that this has been released. Time for a trip down the rabbit hole again.


You asked for trouble, we make it double. Joseph. Mary. Jesus who's ears are hairy.


Across the Spider-Verse has been delayed until June 2023. We live in hell.


The more I play Elden Ring the more I realize this quote is apt for every Outer God in the game.


Post workout depression has got me good tonight. Good to see that as always, the "exercise high" remains a myth for me personally. Hope y'all are looking after yourselves.


A noise shook me awake this morning, like a raspy scream of pure joy and ecstasy. it seemed to last for an age. My partner did not hear it herself, but I knew that cry, a pure prolapse of excitement and sexual release. Gaj had seen the KH4 announcement.


For me, it's just because it has a really great sense of exploration with little else going on and not much in the way of engaging combat, enemy design, or interesting characters. Also those load times lasting up to 3 minutes.


Haven't been around for a bit - Been busy and suffering from some body image issues and dysmorphia for the first time in my life so been preoccupied with thay. Still lurking and Elden Ring is still fucking excellent by the way.


Thank you Tony for bringing this to my attention. And no guys, this is not an April Fool's thing... I think I'm gonna buy a copy myself just to give it a look see. Certified Gamer Moment.


Mass (2021). A fucking masterpiece, of just four people in a room talking and healing. Give it a watch, and go in blind. Ann Dowd is a treasure, and Jason Isaacs is revelatory here.


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