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After 4 years, 10s of thousands of comments, and plenty of blogs and forum posts back in the day, I think it’s time to go. I’ve made multiple attempts to reconnect here over the past year, and it just hasn’t worked out. See all you lovely folks arou


i pray every morning and every night for animal crossing switch. i sacrifice a cow in a massive bonfire every day for animal crossing switch. i drive a stake through the hearts of the heretics for animal crossing switch


ground pounding question mark boxes in Mario games makes coins spill out faster because the boxes are canonically bottoms


Father Finally Reunited With His Son After Heroic Return From World War II (1946, colorized)


happy pride month to everyone here it’s relevant to!


say what you will about no man's sky, but at least its pretty!


we already have hyrule warriors and fire emblem warriors but STILL no dynasty warios, wtf nintendo


I would bet $100 that the ending of Detroit: Become Human is the main character staring into the camera and saying like “Now I have truly become human”


people are upset that the new game in the FPS franchise where you can jump off a skyscraper in a jeep and not get so much as a scratch and revive people in 2 seconds after they get launched 20 feet by an RPG is unrealistic


just got kicked from George Bush’s fortnite squad after saying he should be a pro at dropping tilted towers


if lgbt people are so “inclusive” and “tolerant” explain to me this!!!why did they yell at me when i said the G should stand for Gamer.,


Someone just told me he’s going to start forcing everyone to switch to digital clocks. Not on my watch!


Two and a Half Men (2003-2015) is an American television sitcom taking place after Thanos invaded a Five Guys fast-food joint.


i have decided to boycott Pokémon until they bring back the original, far superior absolute unit pikachu


been spending a lot of time thinking about this Garfield comic


just can’t see myself continuing to work for my boss after what he just said about me. i’m gonna have to just leave this place. uggh. i can’t believe he’d say something so awful


finally playing Motion Sickness Simulator (Gravity Rush) and Kat is the cutest video game protagonist ever oh my god




to those fools who think im just having a goof on this here website (presses button on wristwatch & a tiny pair of shades launches onto face) I’m Not


i kinda want to change my username and header to do a bit more of a hard reset...already deleted most of my old blogs and all that. soooo any ideas?


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