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I survived the move and thanks to mail forwarding this little gem was waiting for me at the new house. We're not done (it didn't all fit in the truck so one last drive back...) but at least this thing exists and it gives me all the joy I need to press on.


First major game(s) completed on the Steam Deck are all 7 Commander Keen Episodes (minus the GBC Game, which I'll get to when I get my Analogue Pocket later this year). Not the greatest games unfortunately, but they had their charm. Duke 1 and 2 next?!


I just spent three hours figuring out how to launch a DOSBox game on the Steam Deck, and now that I've got it working just right... I have no desire to play it (right now anyway). This is the way.


It's Tuesday. Blasted this classic on the drive in to work this morning.


The Steam Deck remains an absolute joy. Playing some random stuff - Finished Ep.1 of Commander Keen for some reason. A bit of Dark Souls Remastered as well. Also addicted but hate-playing Gonner. Not really enjoying it but I have to "try" which is... fun?


I'm in love with this thing. Where do I even start?!


Oh shit that Steam Deck order confirmation just hit. Here we go! I hope it gets to my current address because I won't live there in four weeks! GULP.


Fully completing Kirby had me remembering that I never one-hundo'd Yoshi's Crafted World. So I did that! And it was extremely tedious and the boss challenges are actually quite difficult but whatever, it's done! Did anyone else go this far with it?


Forgotten Land 100% done and now to brush up on Kirby L O R E


30 hours later and I finally made it through the tutorial area in Elden Ring. Pheww!


Woke up this morning and chose chaos. Played Dark Souls Remastered for a bit (I've never played this version), but I forgot how mechanically simple this game is. Just backstabbing everything with a two-handed dagger. Like... everything.


Almost got Godrick on my first try... shit. Sorry to contribute to the Elden Ring qpost overload, but this is an Elden Dangus stream now.


10 hours in still rocking the starting equipment (the swords are each +3 though). Damn this castle is a labyrinth! Should I try those bleed claws in the left hand?!?!


I loved it so much I went back and played it again (NG+) and got the last of the achievements. I NEVER play a game twice in a row but TUNIC deserved it! So much fun the second time when you can break the thing and go wherever you want. GOTY easy (so far).


For anyone interested in the output of the folks that made the Anodyne games, here's their next work, releasing in a couple weeks. Anodyne 2 is a recent favorite of mine.


Tunic has me hooked. Making charts, writing down input hints, combing the manual and just generally unraveling the mysteries is a rare joy not felt since gaming as a kid or playing newer games like FEZ. Almost done I think.


Just finished EarthBound Beginnings! This means I can FINALLY play EarthBound and actually get more than 30 minutes into it for the first time in my life. Beginnings was definitely a grind, but it was still a really memorable, strange experience.


Sable is done. What a wonderful game brought down by a severe lack of polish. It still gets to go in the favorites list, but I wish it hadn't been so rough around the edges technically. Bro got me Elden Ring for my birthday... maybe I dive in to that now?


For anyone interested, Tunic comes out today. Been waiting on this one for many years and I hope it's good!


All done with NieR:Automata (yes, ending E). I think I came around to it by the end. I think it has a ton of issues, but I can't fault it for being an interesting, memorable game with a lot of personality and atmosphere. Good music too! BUT WHAT'S NEXT?!?


Alright Nier:Automata, you've got one more chance to wow me. Route B done. On to C. Also have 75% sidequests done but man are most of these pretty bland. I'm worried the remaining few are going to be a slog (battle arenas and weapon upgrade nonsense).




BABA IS DONE. Brilliant puzzle game... maybe even too brilliant. Definitely used a guide for the late game secret stuff and a few of the final levels. Glad to be done with this one though - it was fucking with my brain a bit (like most puzzle games do) <3


Well then. It's time to shelve Sekiro. Sword Saint is such a hurdle in this game, but once you get him, you get him. Probably just did another 30+ tries on NG++, but as it tends to go, the winning round was brutal and a near flawless run. Brilliant game.


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