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Apparently, according to Wario64, an internet connection is required for Suicide Squad even in single player.


We're back, hooray! I also just got this commission today too. Gonna use it for Banjo Tooie soon.


These kids and their technology. Got a kid who's bypassing the firewalls to gain access to printers and smartboards. Headache inducing.


Hooray, I don't have jury duty tomorrow and managed to retrobright the bottom of the SNES a bit. Need to run it through one more time but need more Hydrogen Peroxide and sunlight. Too bad it's gonna rain all week.


Time to play Final Fantasy X-2 + Last Mission. Played original X-2 but never the International/Last Mission version. This'll be interesting.


Going live on Twitch if anyone is interested. Gonna be doing the Kirby: Planet Robobot Arenas.


Was changing thumbnails and hit my daily limit on the changes. Sadness, oh well now to wait 24 hours to do more.


Already got my blood results. My mom is pissed my glucose and most things are so good despite the crap I eat.


I was a good boy and fasted for bloodwork. Now to eat like shit cause I am hungies.


Heads up, looks like Tales of Symphonia videos are getting blocked worldwide probably cause of the remaster and Bamco probably doesn't differentiate the remaster from the other ports. Yay YouTube crap.


Date time. Wish me luck everyone. Edit: Date went good. So yay.


Happy Valentine's Day if you celebrate it. I'm just waiting for half off chocolate day tomorrow.


Oh boy, my Red Mage Nerobot commission is finished and I love it!


Who has 2 thumbs and hasn't offloaded the last like 5 projects from his PC, resulting in lots of space being taken up? Well it's Steve, but Steve also reminded me that I need to do that too.


Screwed up trimming my beard to go with my haircut I got today so beard goes bye bye.


Took a while but was finally able to upload the last episode of Twilight Princess to my channel. Now to start working on finishing KH3 and then do FFX-2, Banjo Tooie, and something else.


Missed the Direct cause of Chess Club. Saw a recap and I am hyped. Now that I am home I can debate on whether I should get Prime or not.


Might have to pay 800 in taxes...yay the poor man gets poorer. Hopefully it is just an error.


Sadness, it's super cloudy and starting to drizzle. No retrobrighting today I guess.


Welp, not perfect but a major improvement. Bottom shell is before the treatment.


So I am trying a new RetroBright method on my recently recovered SNES. Gonna leave it in the air tight container in the sun for a few hours to see if it'll work.


Interesting day at work. I am working the school's front office today cause of an emergency.


A little house finch decided to fly into my library. Poor thing was terrified cause it couldn't easily get out. Luckily the head custodian and I managed to get it out safely.


Time to play "What's in the big box?"


Who needs a heater when you have 12 chromebooks charging and a server with no ac cooling it next to you.


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