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Guess who found that missing Everdrive 5X Mini. So upsetti at myself, but hey at least I can return it now.


Second solder job done. One Super Nintendo with a new power port. Aftermarket one has a bit more of a death grip than I'd like but it works.


Got the Picoboot working properly and not resetting. Turns out the issue wasn't my wiring or soldering; no the GameCube's thermal pads were bad. Gonna replace them with brand new ones once I get them but I now have a working modded GameCube up for grabs.


Installed Picoboot, and good news is it works. Bad news, it's not liking my GB Player for some reason. I don't know if it's something I did or if it's something that the motherboard has problems with...


Had a great birthday dinner with friends tonight. Overall was a good weekend for me. Hope everyone's week this week turns out excellent.


I went to the local swap meet today. Went there looking for broken consoles and the last stall I went to sold me a working GameCube and a "broken" SNES. SMES was just dirty, but does have a chipped power port. GameCube is fine. All for $100 so I am happy.


Cupcakes have been a success. And I got barcodes to catalogue. Hooray.


Bringing in cupcakes tomorrow for my coworkers to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. Backwards I am bringing them in I know but it's something I've done since my first job.


Everyone's talking about the Zelda trailer, meanwhile I'm stuck cleaning up stink bomb residue and smell in my library. Sadness, Zelda trailer is blocked by the school too. T-T


Unborked the GBA that made me upsetti last Saturday. Everything works and now I have a junk GBA that now works again. CPU and VRAM were from a dead motherboard so new life yay!


Monday morning "fire" drills are alaways fun. We had sewer gas build up that people thought was a gas leak. Still at least it killed some time.


Gave up on trying to install the Pluto IIX on my Gamecube, so removed the old one as I am pretty sure I killed it. Then I just bought the mod installation from Stone Age Gamer. It seems these mods are above my current skill level. Oh well.


Yep my Everdrive X5 Mini must have gotten thrown out by mistake. Sadness didn't even get to use it once cause the SD card I ordered never arrived. :(


When it rains it pours. My Everdrive X5 Mini for GBA has gone missing, while still in the packaging, and I got a reply for the affordable housing I can no longer get because my friends already moved cause the agency waited 9 months to even attempt contact


Failed my GBA install too. Really has cause me to spiral. Think I'm okay at soldering but stuff like this makes me realize I'm actually quite shit.


Man I just don't know what to do. I have failed at installing the Pluto mod twice. I don't know why it's not working. It's not getting power for some reason.


Gonna go see the Kamek movie in a few hours. I'm excited cause my friends who have seen it say that I would like it. Edit: loved it. Could've been a little longer but had a great time.


Looking for my old Swap Magic 3.6 or 3.8 disc and I can't find it. Also holy shit those old softnod discs are worth more than some of my games. Too bad I already said I'd give it to a friend for free. Oh well should've checked first.


I'm also experiencing weirdness with Disqus. I am getting likes, but not seeing comments. So until it's fixed I'm going to assume everyone on the site is a voice in my head. :)


I just found out Funnyplaying has new GBA motherboards for those whose GBAs are dead or missing crucial components. All you need is a GBA CPU and SRAM. Gonna build me one cause I love the red motherboard (also comes in ither colors) and it has RGB lights!


Just found out my sound settings got reset without me knowing. Just finished a huge session of Metroid Prime Remastered, only for some words to be cut off cause I over did the noise gate. Can't fix it either cause I closed the program before undoing it. D


Had so many plans for today, but ended up falling asleep for like 4 hours. D:


Feel like I should stream something casual tonight but I just don't know what to stream. I've got Oblivion on the backburner still, and then there's my backlog...I don't know what to play even though I've been downsizing my game collection. Wanna stream.


Gunner's Gauntlet in FFX-2 is done. Only took me *looks at clock* 3 hours to get to max rank. Had to cheat for the last one though.


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