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Ever since Kroger bought Albertsons and Vons it has been ass getting groceries and deals for groceries. Should've had like 5 coupons and it took none of them. >:(


Finally finished island 2 of Sonic Frontiers. Not as good as the first but I am still having a blast with the game overall


Got a new commission for Planet Robobot and I love it so much.


And the first game done and dusted for 2023 is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Midna is still the best side party companion of any Zelda game to date as well. Next game I wanna beat is Sonic Frontiers.


Finished Poe hunting in original GameCube Twilight Princess. Yeah, I remember why I normally don't go for them all...


Made a new avatar I wanted to use for this site, but I keep getting an error saying it failed to process the upload of the image. Oh well. Here's the avatar I made.


Question, how does this look? I'm not the best at graphic design but I like how this looks for a YT banner.


Happy New Year everyone. Let's make 2023 great for all of us.


Happiest of New Birthmases to SOULBOW BUT LOUDER...and regular Soulbow I guess. Hope 2023 treats ya well.


Good news, fixed my issues with Davinci Resolve...had to reinstall Windows 11 entirely and then downgrade the program.


Also sorry for the double post but cattiest of days to RiffRaff for their birthmas! May you receive lots of cat pics!


Well this stinks. Got a package in the mail today, twas supposed to be an order of 3 2DS screens. Only got one screen, AND it's broken cause for some odd reason people keep sending screens via bubble mailers with a thin box protecting them.


I don't go to the movies much but I had fun at the 40th Anniversary Dark Crystal screening, Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes and One Piece Film Red. Think those are the only films I saw in theaters this year.


Welp tomorrow I leave and Laughlin sure has been laughing at me if you catch my drift.


Happy birthday to Nuclear Potassium and Pointy. May your day be great and may you also Wish AtomicBanana and Spikey a happy birthday too.


I'd share my steam games results...but I think it's reading last year too for me cause I have barely touched Steam this year.


Welp Robobot is now done for main story. Had been spoiled and never fully played it cause of that but it's definitely amazing. Gotta do the Arenas and Meta Knightmare Returns mode first though before closing it off. Maybe for the New Years Eve stream?


Made it safely to Laughlin. The first of the two rides are done!


Welp managed to almost finish Robobot already. I am still in thr car too for another 3 hours...


Wish there were a tweet embedding option, so my gift to you all this Christmas Eve/Day is in the comments. Hope you all have a great one!


Welp, the Crimson 2DS with Mario Kart 7 had a bad cartridge slot. Managed to replace it, which I had never done before, only for the right trigger switch to snap off when I wasn't paying attention and the solder pads got ripped off. Current status.


Managed to repair two of the 3 2DSes. Just need the replacement screen for the 3rd one. One has a bad MB but I habe a replacement for that. They are Red/Black, Black/Red, and Black/Blue for colors. Red/Black has Mario Kart 7 on it too.


Bought another laptop, this time I've had this one for a while and am keeping it. Only thing that stinks is the SSD space has a spot on the motherboard for 2 M.2 SSDs, but there's only 1 connector, so I gotta reinstall Windows 11 now. Oh well.


Me: I'm gonna step back from repairs after this year. Friends: *buy me a hot air and soldering work station*


Special thanks to my Secret Santa! Just got my copies of the 358/2 Days Manga Volumes 1 and 2! :D


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